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I have constantly made characters on different realms and deleted them to see weather my character would be suited to them. I hate walking round stormwind when everyone i put my mouse over is lvl 85 even in new player realms. I am wondering if there is any way i could get a free transfer to a realm where the alliance isn't fighting 1:10 against the horde.
Free.. No, but 20 Euro is too much.. I wanted to Transfer a few times but was hold back because of those outrageous prices. - this should help to answer both your questions. Go for a realm which haven't progressed very much yet, and where the ally-horde ratio suits your wishes.
Walking around SW you will find mostly 85's anyway as the portal hub is there. Lower levels aren't usually around in the major cities because they're out levelling!

20 Euros is enough to stop people transferring over and over again, it also stops scammers, gold sellers and general nasties abusing the system.

In WoW you have to think about your choices, make an informed decision and stick with it. You are after all developing a character in an role playing based game.

It is a fairly old game now so despite the new expansion there will be a high percentage of top level end-game players.
23/02/2011 10:24 AMPosted by Drantae
I hate walking round stormwind when everyone i put my mouse over is lvl 85 even in new player realms.

You're going to get this on ANY realm I'm afraid. It's not a new game so there are a lot of people at max level. Those who aren't max level are, as Redmara said, out levelling so you're not likely to see them just hanging around in cities.
23/02/2011 10:24 AMPosted by Drantae
I hate walking round stormwind when everyone i put my mouse over is lvl 85 even in new player realms.

I don't think you should have this hate. Roughly a year ago I started playing at the Bloodhoof realm, which I've heard is one of the oldest realms around. But that never bothered me. Plenty of people were levelling alts and I was able to reach the level cap (which was 80) in 3 months. Gearing up was relatively easy in WotLK, and probably still will in Cata. (Farming the second best tier of gear should be relatively easy with the current JP and VP system).

Perhaps you might even be better off at an older realm, as lots of people will be levelling up alts there.
Thankyou for all of your replies. However i am in zenedar a very old realm and whenever i go off questing no one is there in places like stranglethorn and booty bay(??) even ironforge and other low level alliance quests. However i know i cannot expect to see a lot of low levels on such an old game. But i have been trying to find a better realm for ages and when i got the trial about a year ago there were sooooooo many low levels. I can't understand what has happened! And yesterday i went to Northrend to see if any higher level chars were there. And in Dalaran i saw only 4 players, all of them were horde. Could anyone also recommend a realm were you do find players on quests.
You realm has a very low Alliance population according to the site posted up by Afskylia...
(the Horde/Ally ratio is under the 'Population' column)

You need to go to a realm with a better balance of population or one that favours Alliance. You'll bump into a lot more people you can play with this way.

Pick a couple, go to their realm forum, stick on a post to say you're looking for a social guild to level with and see what happens. You can also see what language people mainly communicate in, even though they're listed as English speaking some realms have large populations of one nationality and their own language is spoken in chat channels in preference to English. I believe Hakkar is very Italian.

Perhaps check out the Burning Legion realm, it's PVP, has a high population and has a faction ratio of 1 Horde/0.92 Ally. Or Grim Batol realm.
Thankyou very much. Yes i think this is the real problem. Not the lack of players, but the lack of alliance. I will create a new character on burning legion level it to 20 and if i like it stick with it. Thanks.
Just saying thank you very much Redmara for recommending the burning legion it was just what i was looking for and i am going to transfer my character onto it.
Awesome sauce!


Good luck in your adventures!
tho it will cost one with ex 10 toons 200 Euro 349,9 if you want to change fraction aswell if you want to transfer from a realm witch is under populated to a realm worth playing at...

it is understandeble that blizz wanna make money, but comon......

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