[H] Guild Recruiting Players for Mythic Progress

Twisting Nether
Hello and thanks for reading this post-, we are Eternal Chaos we are fair and open guild, we try to support our members and generate a positive atmosphere.

We are currently looking for players to join our raiding team and make further progress before Legion and if your just starting out on mythic and wanting to push them before the next expansion then we are ideal for you.

We average an attendance of 15 members regularly this does fluctuate which means some weeks no pugs other weeks pugs fill last spots. So the aim is to have full GUILD runs every time. Which is why we are looking for few more members for the roster. If your regular and attend 100% of time its likely you will cement a regular spot (performance evaluated too)

Places for DPS and Healing apply and talk to us in game. Thanks

Our Current progress -3/13M 13/13HC

Raiding schedule;
We raid 2 times a week:

Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 (19:45 Starting invites)
Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00 (19:45 Starting invites)


Commitment, attendance and communication. The majority of our raiders will have close to 100% attendance during progress. Anything less than that without any good reasons will likely put your place in jeopardy. We use TS3.


We put a great deal of effort into guaranteeing that the guild is made of like-minded individuals and that usually translates in a good atmosphere inside and outside raids. Many of our raiders have known each other for several years making us a strong community that can often be found playing other games or simply hanging around on team speak before and after raids.


If this sounds interesting, submit a quick application to one of our ingame officers by adding our battletags.

bobcat#2345, Cowanbob#2522(GM), Minxie#2673, skinnybones#1650

Website:http://eternalchaos.wowhordes.com/ and you can check us out too @ http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/twisting-nether/Eternal+Chaos
Still searching!
come and join us guys!!
quiet out there lol!!!!
Another one down 3/13 now

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