[Solved] Faction change stuck on "Queued"

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Hi there.

I've just bought a faction change for my priest on Boulderfist-EU just over an hour ago. Since the Service page said that it would take up to an hour (and implicitly not more than that), I thought I should make a thread.

That said, I have a friend who also bought a faction change shortly after I did, though the service was completed nearly instantly.
Doesn't it say the average time is an hour, you can wait up to 72 hours.
Hi there Quae.

As Dottie says, World of Warcraft character services can take up to 72 hours to fully process depending on the payment organisations involved and current processing queues. I don't see any problems from this end just yet so hopefully it should complete for you soon. =)
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Thanks for the replies, my mistake for misreading the conditions.
It's cool Quae, we obviously aim to process them as quickly as possible so the expectation can shift from experience to experience. If it hasn't completed by this time tomorrow, reset your Battle.net account password to force a status refresh on the account and if it STILL hasn't completed after the 72 hour period is up, contact our account support team directly for further assistance. =)
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I tried changing my password (though I didn't wait a day like you told me to) and it worked, the faction change came through instantly. Thanks for the help!

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