Sit back and relax guys and gals

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You can pray, you can complain, but noting from previous experiences, these 'extended' mainenances usually last till 19:00 ~ 20:00

why sit back and relax? cause that's all you can do really.

Threatening to cancel your subscription? you are 1/10 000 000... they wont care, you are that small of a number. That and everyone knows empty words when they see it.

what to do then? I take this 'gaming time' to look up stuff about the game I'm planning to do. I'm a soloer, i even take time to calculate what Ilvl I would need to solo certain bosses... or get achievements or whatever.

point is, while you have a point in complaining, there is nothing you can do about it. Instead, lets make this a thread of Ideas!

What would you look up about the game with this extra time you now have?
Uhm, no way on earth there is 10 Mil Subs :)
Theres in fact over 30 mill suscribers
Yep, 30 Mil active WoW Subs...

Could you show some graphs and facts?
I would like to come over to your house and eat all your candy.
more like 1/100000 in eu by now . Remember they dont even dare to release their actual subscriber numbers anymore . So the game must be at an all time low . Not even 1 million anymore some say . They could be right as blizz cant contradict anymore .
30/03/2016 12:02Posted by Lunyra
Yep, 30 Mil active WoW Subs...

Could you show some graphs and facts?
We have a green light! Looks like we are are good to go now.

Maintenance is completed for most games now and we are working on the last ones.

Only here for a while so let me know how I am getting on!

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