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Haven't read anything with the same issue so not sure if it's related to the others, apologies if it is, feel free to lock and i'll post data in the sticky thread if it is.

Was having the same issues on tuesday as everyone else, but was able to log in without hassles once in a while until I tried to relog or change areas. Got stuck on loading screen whenever I tried. The difference with my issue is that I didnt get any erorr notifications and whenever I try to log in it connects, but comes up with a blank character select screen. Is this a related issue? And if not how do I fix it?
Hey Solicia.

First, are you definitely logging in to the right account, World of Warcraft license and realm? Secondly, are you able to actually create new characters and log in to them (I'd recommend testing on a different realm to your main one just in case)?

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Yes, definitely the right account. Can't do anything on character select, all the buttons are there with the realm name and blocks where characters are supposed to be, but everything is just black, no characters at all and the buttons don't do anything when you click them. Have tried alakir and blades edge, both same issue.

Thanks for the quick response ;)
Any follow up on this issue? I'm having the same problem.
Many of us are have the same issue and support seems unable to resolve it. They would rather make us feel like idiots.

My annoyance level at this is increasing by the minute.
Yep, having the same issue. deffo logging in on the correct account. just not able to to see any characters to pick from. Blank character selection screen.
Was online a few minutes ago, disconected in Dalaran and have this issue...
same here
same here
Also have the same problem on Silvermoon, Draenor works tho.
Also happening to me right now. I was on a quest, to ride one of the water elemental on broken front, when i did the quest it kind of made me stuck, i tried to restart the game, and now, black screen but only on the server the charcter was on
Just found this thread, I have the same problem. I got disconnected and as soon as I relogged my main realm was blank. Issue seems to persist whatever I do. Any solution?
Happening to me right now aswell. Maybe it's not on our side at this point..
Same :')
Got dc and the same issue black screen on char list
Same here, seems like all my Grim-batol characters are not showing up on the forum character selection either.
I have the same issue characters when I log in.. chamber of aspects..
Have the same problem cant log in to my characters on Frostmane, screen is blankted.
LFG Heroic Karazhan got stuck after killing the last boss, so I ALT+F4'd out. All buttons are there, everything is black, 'Enter World' button is disabled.

I would've added an attachment but couldn't figure out how...

Added as a link instead:
same for me on Chamber of Aspects Chars gone just like @Chuang above

On Aszune i can see all chars

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