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Argent Dawn
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The shoulders look disproportionately fancy when compared to the rest of you. Oh, right, skip you.

I really dig the Highborne look. 10/10 pretty much.
I like it!

But I also feel that the set would look better on an orc, rather than an undead. The skull/mask is just too orcish to fit well with an undead model (in my opinion).

One of the sickest mogs ive ever seen to be sure. 10/10 without a doubt.
Real cool. 10/10 very mojo.
I'm unsure whether this is meant to be a set or if you haven't gotten around to transmog it to your intended set, but I'll rate what I see.

Frakhorn: The upperbody is flawless, gives off a great minimalist warrior aesthetic. The lower body armour looks too heavy and cumbersome when contrasted with the fur, light fangs, beads, and decoration of the top half. I would suggest you use the garrison-provided Orgrimmar Grunt leg-pieces to balance it out. That way the entire set looks more cohesive as a concept. Just less weight on bottom.

Right now it looks a bit like you have two different ideas clashing for space.

But I do love the use of a plain belt, and troll gauntlets to give it an earthy warsong home made feel.

My favourite concept in your entire set is the way you have the fur chestpiece blend into the fringes of the tabard, lovely work.


Edit: If you see shoes instead of blue/purple boots I've forgotten to t-mog them lmao one sec.

EditEdit: Theeeeeere we go. Fixed the shoes.
I can't get too good a look at it due to bad Battle.net stances, but I'll try my best.

I've really only got two complaints about your set. Firstly, the lack of a chestpiece and having just a purple shirt is very distracting and feels out of place. Secondly, I feel like the gloves, shoulders and boots stick out too much. Not as in their color scheme or pattern, I mean in terms of bulk. It's too bulky compared to the middle section.

I find the tabard and belt to be a little bit off-colour, and the hood doesn't seem fucntional at all.


I like the rest of the concept, well done.
Your outfit is top notch! You stay true to your tauren heritage while still pulling through the sunwalker feeling. Each individual piece is not only pretty in it's own right, they also cooperate well with the rest.

10/10 Because you hit the perfect spot! (A) <3
Looking like a true paladin of the light there, friend! Unfortunately the sword doesn't really fit imo, so 8/10!

This RP-Set isn't sure what it wants to grow up into.
10/10 classic Orras.
10/10 the armour even makes a female draenei look ready to charge straight !
22/04/2016 07:06Posted by Spiritdru
10/10 the armour even makes a female draenei look ready to charge straight !

It's very... Blue, for a night elf druid. And the staff is waaaay out of line with the rest of the set. I like the use of the shoulders tho'.

(I go by a "Perfect tens don't exist" policy, so my ratings are usually very low compared to others. Don't despair!)

^ Regard this when rating. Also, help with a staff would be welcome!
I'm attempting at a Shaman-turned-Voidcaster look.
I like it! Though, the shirt's older model really takes away attention from the rest of the awesome set. I'd urge you to find a different shirt or go barechested.


As for a staff... the one you already have set up in the dressing room works fine, but if you want one with more void-styled colours, I'd go for Staff of Infinite Mysteries or possibly a Voidcore Greatstaff if you're up for raiding for it.

In case my armory hasn't updated yet, I'm not supposed to be wearing a fugly purple bow; it's actually this sword that I use with this set: Zoid's Firelit Greatsword
I like it a lot! Works well for a Shadowmoon caster, even the old graphic chest piece integrates nicely with the newer pieces.

I like the staff too, looks not so tribal but it still works well.


Feranos you speedy dog, you.

Your set works wonders for a Twilight Hammer, incredibly so for a Worgen.

Classic Warsong, yet also very creative and different.

I like it. Pleasing colors. Using a latern. Shovel. 10/10
Really true to your character, meanwhile as it looks horrid from the face it all fits so perfect. 8\10
I don't think the boots fit (the style is good but the colours aren't) and it's the same issue with the tabard and blades. 5/10.

I made an Undead high society type. Tried for a more vibrant set.

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