Night Elf Druid (Female) Xmog

Does anyone have any good ideas? Looking for a good transmog for my new main.

Do you remember the vanilla cinematic? does anyone know if it is possible to xmog like the druid there.

I prefer my Nelf female with "light" clothing..if you know what i mean, hate running about in those big skirts etc.
Maybe Malrone set (it dropped from TBC raids) ? it had trousers.

a few ideas for you
<-- I don't know if this is the sort of thing you want, but I'll put this character's current set out there. It's not the most original but I really like it :) It does have a skirt but it won't be too hard to find trousers to match.

It also has the advantage of being (mostly) easy to get: I was able to farm all the pieces over just two weekly lockouts. The shoulders are a bit rare but they are BoE so you may find them on the AH.
I love it Elyssa but are your shoulders the tier shoulders (lookalike) or they a different colour (iam colourblind so cant tell)
I kinda like the transmog gear you get from garrison dwarven bunker
I like the Cata sets.

The T11 one is nice

caster version (robe)

melée version (legs)

The heroic version has a brown colour that's quite nice.

My favourite is the T12 Firelands purple/heroic

they are legs which is unusual for a druid set nowadays.

At the moment my druid has the SW guard armor. It looks like plate which is a novelty for me since I'm a druid.
Ha, of course it is. Derp. I never was around when that tier was current :)

On the plus side it makes the set even easier to get!
I run similar transmog to Elyssa, I have really liked this transmog for a while. It's the heroic version with challenge mode staff from WoD.
I remember commenting on a video a while back that had some cool transmog ideas for Druids.


Here we go:

13/04/2016 09:20Posted by Chugo
hate running about in those big skirts

*looks at skirt*

Sigh :'(

I suggest that you look 1-60 quest rewards, you'll have some light clothing for your light clothingy needs.
I've got this based on the Mantle of Autumn shoulders. It's my "fleet-footed druid running barefoot through the forest" look.
Go for my transmog it's sexy
For what i know is,that the gear, the nelf was wearing at the cinematic is unobtainable for players, but
Allow me to show you the transmog i use for my female druidess.

I've based this transmog on the leggings that she's wearing and just built around it.

Additional screenshots: (All links can be trusted, you'll have my word on that!) (Front, sheathed) (Front, unsheathed) (Back. sheathed)

Maybe it inspires you, maybe not. Either way it still does me give that druidic feeling without using a skirt
I also loved the image in the original cinematic, I have mine looking as close as I could
My druids mogs are pretty simple, and no skirt ;) Really looking forward to being able to disable shoulders.è/simple
I guess my current transmog would work for Nelf Druid, however I would hardly call it a transmog, it's mostly pvp set mixed with the boost set, however I think you can farm it but at a very very low drop rate

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