Quantum/The Great Pretenders?

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
anyone know what happened to those lot? from ssc/tk days?
I used to be a member of Quantum in Wotlk. Near the end of the exp Relic the guild master suddenly quitted the game due to IRL issues... few members of Quantum created Immanence if I remember correctly but it didnt last too long though.
ah i see, thanks for commenting. I know a few of the old members have made "Plebs" on Thunderhorn.


probably abit before you're time with Quantum mind.
Just see this post as recently returned for BFA, any of the old quantum/ great pretenders knocking about?
Some of us still play beck, Currently in Raging horde on. Myself, Brooky, JC and Scott and a couple more
Aye, JC and scott got in touch the other night. Who else is there over there?
Not many more from the old days, I played paladin if you remember the name "ambition"? Brooky cant remember what he played back then.
Aye ofc i remember, trying to get hold of the old quantum guild but hard to get hold of the current GM. There is about 10 of us who have come back.
just for causal play?
Yeah, more alcohol fueled nights lol
Why not join up with us as causals? unless a couple of you want to raid

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