Where would you take the character above?

Argent Dawn
You and I are going to Gnomeregan. You are going to bash Troggs for me!
To the Louvre!
To your mother's basement
You and I are going to see the magical potato wizard, he needs our help picking a dress for wedding between the Drag Queen of the 9th underworld and Baron Lollipop of Candy Crane Vally.

there is no time to waste, I already summoned the blue orange carpet which will take us to the potato wizards underwater tower.


Ashi was a warrior in life so when she dies for good it'll be where she goes.
My dungeon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
A clothes store, get him a proper shirt.
To the graveyard.
Rehab, to help me get rid of my growth pot addiction.
to PETA camp and give you an angry chat for that poor, poor wolf you`re having on your head! Except if its a living wolf and tries to slowly eat you, yelling *I GOT IT! UHH! I GOT IT! ALMOST!*
You and I are going to a mage trainer, and get you properly respecced to Arcane. As any proper mage should be.
To Desolace and force her into scheming another RP-PvP campaign with my suave mind-control spe- I MEAN wonderful magical spectacles that would blow any mortal's mind, and defiinitely not hijack said mind during the casting process!
''im taking you to the bank...the blood bank.''

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