The biggest beating your character has gotten?

Argent Dawn
I lost a head...
The actual biggest beating he's gotten I suppose would be during one of his endless spars against Benjamin, Hangart, Nelson and Langsley. Undead soldiers don't go easy on each other (IC or OOC)

However the biggest injury he's gotten was having his hand cut off by Gartner. They stitched it back later.

Of course, I'm not even including his experiences while alive.
Being chained to a mast without his runeblade for a week. Did the work all on its own. Little left but skeletal remains and clothing at the end. Thank the Li----Shadow for restorative magic.
Was tortured with shadow magic and had her throat slit. Then came the whole 'raised from the dead' bit which wasn't fun either. Until that point, she hadn't ever been so much as punched.
While it may not have put him in so much mortal peril as other encounters, the most embarrassing beating Roberts has gotten was that one time some two-timing toerag from the Gutter Runners thwapped him over the head with a shovel. He woke up without his boots and was forever changed.
One of the countless IC /duels I've done with the Rotgarde or others, or getting my arm cut off by Orras during the Song of Soggoth. The same evening I continued fighting with just one-arm and one sword.
The biggest beating?

Was when the Seven Heads went to free their healer and they had a lot of orcs to help them. As good as my character is in moving about and fighting multiple opponents. The numbers were just far too against me and as such was able to deal with it at the start but a good monk, even a master monk would not be able to keep up such for a long time against a large number of opponents.

I had to roll to see whether or not my character would die, it was a very close call that day as well but the roll result came up with very severely injured and help came just at the last minute to bring balance to the numbers and this my character was saved.

At the time I wanted it as it was good character development to bring such in, for not making him far too powerful and that there is a limit to what he is capable of doing before things turn sour.

It took a long time for my character to recover fully from that attack and even so there would probably be scars from that fight hidden under the fur which thankfully do hide it well still.

Mind you, I do take hits more often than win when doing anything with another guild. I really do think it's time for my character to actually win something and will do that at one point in the future when such events are done when it comes to battle.
When he told his wife she had gained some weight.
Must have been that time a lady tauren friend of his went on a rampage, not only kicking rhams butt but also picked him up and used him like a living flain and kicked other peoples !@#.

So rhamgosh got his $%^ kicked and was then used to kick other peoples asses. a beatdown
Hmmmm, let's see... Ahh yes!

The worst beating that Zul'Jamon ever took, was in Stranglethorn. While walking about, as quietly as he could, he was ambushed by two (Or three, I can't remember) assassins, that completely and utterly knocked him on his !@#. If it wasn't for a few friends, who decided to come and help him, I'm sure Zul would've been dead.
Vaxir got her helmet crushed in and lost an eye recently >_>
25/04/2016 12:32Posted by Vaxir
Vaxir got her helmet crushed in and lost an eye recently >_>

How did that happen?
25/04/2016 01:14Posted by Durathei
Another rather simple question. Where did your character get the biggest beating of their lives? And who did the beatdown?

Y'naar in her background by her trainer during her stay in the destroyed Auchindoun. Twice.
25/04/2016 12:35Posted by Ashiraya
How did that happen?
The biggest beating Melaphone has taken is when she couldn't breathe and Wrall gave her CPR. He broke three of her ribs.
25/04/2016 12:35Posted by Ashiraya
25/04/2016 12:32Posted by Vaxir
Vaxir got her helmet crushed in and lost an eye recently >_>

How did that happen?

Salfalur and a demon and a Warlock ganged up on her ;(
Serana has had a long history of wounds and fights.

During the War of the Ancients, a tower collapsed on her. That was fun.
How about the first fifteen years of his life as a slave and gladiator?

Daily whippings, beatings, torture, humilation..Blah blah blah.

Lets just say he is scarred for life.
a death knight beat her up, kicked her in the bad place then stole her baby
So many arrows.

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