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Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha'tar
We have never believed in destiny, we've never been able to rationalize it. How can everything be planned out so perfectly? The universe just seems to random for that, to big for that, to many questions for that, big complicated questions, like if it was the heroes destiny to save the world. And the villains destiny was to come to power and be defeated.

What about everyone else? What about those who are mistreated? What about those who never find love? What about those who try their best but fail anyway? Or what about those who die before they even knew life? Was that their destiny? To live lives so full of meaning and purpose, but lives so full of suffering, so full of pain, so full of that empty feeling we can't shake. just to end up as another unmarked grave on the road of life? No.

Life is more than that. Life is the individual experiences we hold dear, life is the choices we make, life is the people we touch, life is the memories we keep, the pain and suffering we feel, along with the love we share. Life is the meaning we give to it. That's life, not some grand plan, not destiny. Just life.

Greetings everyone, we are the Nightcloak Partisans, a group seeking to pave a new way for the people, some may call us rebels others may see us a freedom-fighters, but our cause is one and only for the people, to seek a better future, now without further ado.

OOC: Who are we exactly?
The Nightcloak Partisans is a newly made guild on Alliance, yet it is not bound to the Alliance as such, the Nightcloaks are an rebel group, based on the motives, ideals and cause of a council, ultimately the Nightcloak seek to dismantle Alliance and Horde alike, to create something new out of the ashes of the old. Addendum: To better elaborate, the Nightcloaks are not "evil" if we look at them alignment wise, Chaotic good is more of who they are, they do not attack the Alliance or horde, nor do they attempt to instigate anything between the two, the Nightcloaks do not attempt to attack the common people either, their goals are more aimed to hunt down those that would provoke and further move the Alliance into war against the Horde, Think of them like Wrathion but more under the covers, they targets are corrupted nobility, evil military officials and any who can seem like "bad apples" in the Alliance but are untouchable, this will publicly put the Cloaks in a criminal spot, but they true goal is to protect and aid the common people.

The theme of the guild is guerrilla warfare, assassination and espionage, it is less about fighting an big bad, but more about the consequences of in-fighting, every person is different, yet when each are being stepped on enough, they rise to the occasion to fight back, the Nightcloaks are exactly such, individuals whom for their own reasons, band together for a cause united by the Council heads.

How are we set up?
The Nightcloak Partisans can be divided into three divisions, "Cells" if you wish to call it that. These divisions each take an aspect of the inner mechanism of the Nightcloak, each carries out different actions, yet in the heart of it, all three divisions are equal in aiding each other.

There are the Guerrillas, at the head of them leads Rahni. They are the front-line fighting force of the Nightcloak Partisans, these are the people who bear the strongest passion for combat, willing to fight head-on against those that opposes the Nightcloaks the Guerrillas also serve as the idealism of the Nightcloaks as the least stealthful of the divisions they are the greatest image of freedom-fighters that the Nightcloaks show. Their missions can vary from guard duty, combat patrols, to even demolition missions.

There are the Prowlers, at the head of them leads, Madam Antonina Reimise, The Prowlers, are the assassins, enforcers, scoundrels, the Prowlers are those who undertake the most dangerous of the Nightcloaks duties, and if not the most dangerous, then the darkest, willing to take the extreme choices to let the Nightcloak Partisans rise above, their missions could vary from assassinations, sabotage, extortion among other undesirable missions, for even the greatest of causes, is paid with blood.

There are the Outriders, at the head of them leads Rogan Herne. The Outriders are the eyes and ears of the Nightcloak, they are also the voice whom many out of the Nightcloaks hear, in other words, the Outriders are the scouts, suppliers, propagandists, informers and spies, these are the people who deals less with the weapon and more with paper and gold, The Outriders are the most miscellaneous of the divisions, but every man and woman can serve, not all need to serve by spilling blood, the Outriders missions vary the greatest depending on the skills of the members in it, from contracts, supply runs, espionage and information gathering, to acts of confusion among the Nightcloaks enemies.

The only thing to take notice of, is that none of the division heads, call themselves a leader, the Nightcloaks have a council, and their goals are one and only for the people, each member will be able to speak up.

How to join:
The best suitable people to contact, either whisper or mail. Will be listed here.

The servers names are required if you are on a different server than them. (Sha'tar, Steamwheedle, Moonglade.)

Joining oocly can simply be done by asking, if you wish to see how it works, or if you are learning how to roleplay. Icly works a bit differently, as you will be ushered to a meeting spot with Ikabelle for a short hearing (Interview) in this hearing, ic questions will be asked, it is to see if we can serve as a good guild for you and you a member to the Nightcloaks, you can also whisper the above people if you have questions, naturally you can also post on the thread here and it'll be answered when possible.

The Nightcloaks does not have any requirements or restrictions of class, race or character, for most part of course, the Nightcloaks are not icly part of the Alliance, in fact you could call them enemies of the Alliance, so characters who are Alliance loyalist, would of course not be accepted.

We do not have any leveling requirements either, we do ask if you can level as higher levels means easier access to the many wonderful places on Azeroth and beyond, but it is not mandatory.

Additional information
Rules are pretty standard, keep ic drama ic, problems ooc/ic seek out officers, help each other if you can and have the time.
We are open to pretty much anybody, par the fact we are not working under/for the Alliance, hence, we ask that you give your character reason to abandon the Alliance to join the Nightcloaks, such a level of understanding the story and lore of Warcraft is good to have, but if there are problems, we can and will provide aid to help you work a story for your character, after all character progression is a major part of roleplaying.

That will be everything, thank you for reading.
Awesome! This is looking good. Looking forward to people joining us! :)
Best of luck with your Guild Role Play idea from the Horde!

Just dont become a target that the Ebon Blade will have to deal with ;P
Yo! I hope it goes well.

Hopefully we'll meet each other in RP soon enough!
Many thanks for the kind words, Ihynlia, we'll attempt not to attract the enmity of the Ebon Blade, but no promises!

And indeed Dalathar! We'll need to get everything settled, but I do hope we'll achieve some cross-guild events in the future.
Good luck!

It's a great idea and I know for a fact that Ikabelle's events are both fun and memorable! So I have no doubt this will be a success!

Have fun, Nightcloaks!
After being pointed in your direction by Morg, I was excited to hear the whole guerrilla thing, hoping to bring Cogs in as a mercenary with a special OOC technique I know involving appearance copying, but once I got to the actual post I didn't like the look of "bringing down the alliance and horde", the only character I have who's left the alliance is definitely not one you guys would like, I'm afraid, and Cogs here will work for either faction but he isn't really going to go specifically to bring both of them down, he does have standards on who he works for I'm afraid, so I don't really know if bringing Cogs in for a mission or two is the best idea.
A small update. We are going good, we have set to have "mission" rp events every monday, and naturally if anyone had ideas, the rest of the days are quite open, and so far we are going good.

Now Cog, I may be re-writing it a bit above. The Nightcloak isn't entirely meaning to bring down the Alliance or Horde but their ultimate goal is more to remove the bad eggs, They views on whole Alliance is naturally less than good, but that doesn't mean they are attacking the Alliance guards or any civilians.

To put it into a better perspective, our recent missions have mostly been aimed at corrupted nobles, secret slaver/slave traders, and possibly any officials that attempts to stoke the flames of starting war between Alliance and Horde. As such you could view us a bit like Wrathion in his ideals of uniting Horde and Alliance, but more under the covers, A sort of Chaotic good kind of way, in their attempt to remove those who would seek only the betterment of themselves, the Cloaks may have to be a little less than good in the eyes of the people.. Again I'll have to re-write the recruitment page itself a bit, once I have more time!
That's much clearer and agreeable, I have to say, I'll certainly contact you ingame then. I like those ideas a lot more, I've always liked anti-hero groups with a bad history (emotionally, not content-wise, I'm sure your rp'ers are great) taking out corruption in the authority and keeping it under the rug rather than shouting on the streets "THE NOBLES ARE CORRUPTED!" like idiots and getting themselves arrested. :P
Another update! The Nightcloaks are growing ever so steadily, we continue our monday events and we are doing great! Everyone having a fun time,
We are of course still accepting people! The more the merrier.

And to say, our last mission leads us to Plaguelands, following a underground slaver group, we are still on the hunt for their position, who knows what happens once we find them?!

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