[A] Eagles of Legends Fire Recruiting helpful players!

Darkspear / Saurfang / Terokkar
Hi, <Eagles of Legends Fire> is a new guild that i started yesteday. Which is all about bringing social gameplay at the front above all other things in the game.

This guild will help members of the guild, or not members of the guild. To get boosted on their characters, up to reaching Max level.

New players, Veterans, or Returning players. We will even boost your alts if you would like that as well.

Upcoming Plans: Come the Legion Expasion, i will help others getting boosted in Legion heroic 5 player dungeons, so they will be ready to get into the Legion Raids.

What we will help you with:

Boost you through dungeons, from the first level you can enter your first dungeon / dungeons to level 100 (110 come Legion).

Assist with 5 player Normal Dungeons, possibly heroics as well. Depends on if we can get a reliable tank and healer that can help out often with those things.

Looking For Raid, get you geared up for getting ready to do Normal Raiding.

Garrison Invasions.

What we won't help you with:

Raiding at max level.

Making a raid team.

Raiding Progress (Kill bosses in say a WoD raid and then move onto the tougher difficulties of the raid ect).

Help you with leveling via Quests.


Once we have geared you up to get into raids, we won't be able to help you anymore. As by that stage in your Characters progression, the rest from they're on is up to you.

While this guild will no doubt seem very restricted, from these offers. It is not gonna be the intention at all it follows this!

This guild is all about helping players, and it will be a very social guild for this reason!

However, staying active and reliable is something i want you to show you can do. As their will be a limit of how much days you have being offline until i no longer see you as being a member worth keeping in the guild, in terms of how reliable you are and active ect.

All dungeon boosts from the guild is done for FREE!

For alot more info /w me ingame or leave a reply under this post.

Ty! have a nice day :)
Bump, all classes, any level are welcome.
Hi Izzy, good luck with your guild. Hope everything works for you!
Hi, ty zed, i hope the same.
We just hitted 50 members today, however not all of those members are different players. Many of them are alts of exsisting guild members mains. We like to have a laugh in the guild chat, and we have several guild members that are very chatty too, like vlam and socio and always up for having a nice conversation with other guild members in the guild ect.

The guild is slowly getting bigger for everyday that is passing by!

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