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"Indeed, a lot has changed. Time was that demon hunters would be social recluses, given over entirely to their self-imposed duty to eradicate demons. Yes, things have changed over the years, as the demon hunters of today are a poor watered down version - mass produced by Illidan's Illidari and about as effective, as I well remember from my time fighting alongside the Sha'tari at the Black Temple.

Of course, who am I to tell a demon hunter what he should or shouldn't do? You already showed your contempt for your people when you gave yourself over to the Betrayer and fought against your kin in Outland. You already showed your recklessness when you... transformed... yourselves into the fel-blooded monstrosities that you are today. I will be watching you."
The mage pops on scene through a portal, an arcane runed shackle on her ankle glowing, she looks around for a moment, breathing in some fresh air through her veil.
"Sir knight sir- you seem kind of... mean, and blunt- though... I suppose they are demon soul bearing things... but..."
The highborne woman sighs.
"No buts really."
She looks the blood knight up and down for a moment-
"You're a bit short... sorry!"
Amnastaria narrows her eyes.
"I'm afraid the alliance can't be too picky those days... with the legion coming and the horde is up to no good. After all, their filthy undead warchief had befriended dreadlords in the past. Won't be surprised if she will deal with them again, whenever it will fit her plans. Oh, a date?"


"Even if I was up to dating women, which I don't, I will soon be sailing to war, and my last battle is drawing closer. The only date that expect me is 'dating' my arrows to legion and undead mongrel's throats. So I'm afraid its a no".
Anderix is standing in front of the cathedral of light, chatting with his peers when the topic turns to family and wives. One of his fellow apprentices points to a human female walking across the square, then asks Anderix; "What about that one eh? She might be up your alley."

Anderix takes a look at her, noticing the color of her leather garments, the bow on her back, and her fair red hair. "That one? Aye, she looks like she's got her head on straight. Probably a crack shot with that bow too, reckon she's some type of hunter alright. But alas, a don't think she'd be interested in dating some stunted apprentice paladin such as meself."

They all share a good laugh before they head back into the curch. Anderix takes one last look at the fair maiden, and let's out a low sigh before following his friends inside.
Hmm... There is one problem... You would need to convert to ONE TRUE FAITH Accept Elune and then...Hmm.. Who knows what will happen then.
Do you wear our colours to mock us, or emulate us? Either way, you have no identity of your own. I have no interest in such a person.
''Excuse me, miss demon Elf. I have a very serious question regarding the skills you utilize when deployed for battle. Is your outfit meant to...distract the demons?''
There you are!
I've been looking for you my dear...
I've aranged few redecorations in our house.
Say goodbye to that old boring shack in the back yard..
Say hello to Moonwell.... And Cat house..
Ohh hell no i wouldn't date that guy
(look at his eyes)
Im not a fan of males
"Well then, I had best decline for fear of rejection!"

Seth'ranis smirks slightly to himself while stepping around the Draenei towards Lantara, ensuring her that she has quite a feminine figure and that he is bewildered as to how she was confused for a male before departing.
You again?! I remember you! No!
''Once again the Sin'dorei come to mock me. Yes, I know you're living and vibrant.'' Elyssarain calmly takes a sip from her water canteen. ''Oh, well if you are offering & needs must, I would not protest such an arrangement. Not too harshly anyway.''

She laughs darkly.

''Not as if I have much choice on the table, really.''
You have no choice at this table.
''Salt mine! You are still alive?! Good, it would be a shame for you to die before I dress you in blue. I wont sit for a drink now I need to run plus you are boring... But one day we need to have a drink and make you tell me why you are always moody, not today though.'' Sipharion pulls Cathrion's ear tip in a playful manner and walks away IF Cathrion feels merciful enough to not cut him down.
"Oh I've seen her in all kinds of moods, it depends on the person." Arebell peers over at Cathrion and bounces her eyebrows at her before turning back to Sipharion with her usual smirk "But that goes for everyone ehy?
So Soldier Boy you think third time's a charm for you to win? ...Or is it fourth I'm loosing count.
We can even put an extra challenge to it this time. We both drink five of my friend's 'specials' then we have an unarmed sparr on a flipped over dinghy in the water. What the winner and loser gets we can discuss then."
"Human, with that armour of his, and your states of inebriation, I can only think it will result in both of your deaths. I am sure we'd all rather it didn't come to that. For the record, no, I wouldn't be interested in any form of courtship with you. I wouldn't say no to an unarmed spar, however, just to see how you humans may fight.

I will also not be partaking in your 'specials'."
Arebell stares at Tethenar dumbfounded then rolls her eyes very exaggerated at him.
"Well then you should know you don't wear armour during an unarmed spar because that'd be stupid. But if you want to spar we could sometime, just take some unarmored pants with you....And shirt if that's your thing. You don't need to worry over any 'specials' either because I don't waste good booze on party poopers."

(Feel free to skip me)
*hatefull look to the direction of the blood knight*

"I think I'll pass, for both of you. I'm not dating women and woudn't dream to interrupt your party or specials. miss sailor... and as for you, Aerdalon, I was searching you for a very special date, when I was fighting your allies in Stormheim and burning them along with their plague cauldrons. Sadly, though I searched all over the coast, It seems I've missed your pretty face, what a shame".
Whoa, well, y'ain't seen Rizzo's face in them places either, cuz Rizzo's playin' it safe an' hangin' out in the ole Violet City! Now, I know what yer thinkin', "but Rizzo, how're you callin' Dalaran safe when it's right over all the action an' just a stone's throw from the Legion's base of operations!", well hear me out here, I figure look, we got all the best guys n' dolls Azeroth's got to offer hangin' out here, includin' Khadgar the Ladgar, so I mean, it's gotta be the safest berg in the joint, right? 'Sides, if this place comes crashin' down, I think the rest of the world's gonna join it pretty quickly, right? Better get it all over with as quick as possible if that's the case!

... wait, what're we talkin' 'bout again? Oh, hey, listen, you're a dynamite broad an' everythin', but if yer lookin' ta get naked with Rizzo, it better just be for takin' ultra precise measurements if y'know what I'm sayin', gwahaha! Ah, nah, but yeah, you're alright, babes ... just ain't Rizzo's jam, if y'know what I mean!
"We can discuss craftmanship and suppliers. That's as close to a date as I ever want to be with a goblin."

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