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Doomhammer / Turalyon
Hi All,

For those that don't know us, <MM> was formed in Vanilla on Turalyon and we've been raiding since.

Aside from stability, we can offer you something unique: in short, the chance to experience encounters without previous bias and to influence the team's strategy. Our unorthodox manner of approaching encounters means no guides or videos to watch - pull, wipe, analyse, discuss and repeat!

For more info, leave us a message here, contact us ingame or on our forum (forums.mammae.eu).

Kind regards,
Bumpity bump!

We're after some DPS, tank and healer recruitment is closed.
What class/specs are you considering for DPS?

Currently looking for somewhere new for Legion as all my toons are in (relatively) dead guilds.

At the moment unsure on what i'll be maining, but have mained as Boomkin/Feral for druid (most recent), Ret Pala, Frost DK in the past expac dependent.
Hey Kìwï,

We are mainly after ranged dps, particularly boomkins but also mages/warlocks/spriests. Hunters we have four.. but there can never be enough of us!

A few might reroll based on ptr/prepatch (not all got lucky with alpha/beta) and, whenever possible we try to let a raider play the class they love. Our plan is to make full use of the flex system for heroic difficulty at the start of Legion, before moving onto mythic very swiftly.

Feel free to poke me or any other officer in game for more info.

Kind regards,


We're after a mage or two for our Mythic raids!
Still after a ranged or two
DPS, we need you!
Recruitment's open for NH!
We're after a healer, ideally with DPS os! Come join us

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