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8/10, I don't know, but in my head is sounds more undead-ish.
10/10 perfect dwarf / warrior fit
Indestructible beast slaughtering anything in its way.
But should be careful not to get slaughtered, we live in a hungry world
8/10 (minus points for not transmogrified to armageddon sword)
6/10 - too many words
Your name is just a word and the word has nothing to do with warriors 1/10.
Sounds barbaric, i think 7/10


Very straight forward, but not that creative, 6/10. Bonuspoint for the sense of humour :P

My name is pronounced if you take "Roo" from "roof" and combine it with "knock" =


Very nice, orc fitting name! :)
You'll have to forgive but i assume its a reference to halo? Would of worked better if an orc perhaps?!

Like the name, fits the class and the race. It seems a bit more like a familiy/clan name though, but still good! 9/10
Walgrim, Fits the character very well. 9/10
27/03/2017 14:58Posted by Ironclad
Walgrim, Fits the character very well. 9/10

Decent name seems more human/dwarf than UD but still like the relation to the class 8/10
Simple yet effective. 9/10. How do people get these buzzwords without it being taken?! Lucky buggers.
Like it, sounds good for a human. 9/10
Maybe would fit a gnome more but who likes gnomes? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
9/10 sounds elvish, I like it. :)

Needless to say, my Demon Hunter is not prepared...
7/10 Just because you like to troll poor lil Illidan.
@Brute 10/10! Too sick.

Not that bad,not that good


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