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Guild name: The Moonwielder Academy
Races: Nightborne, Bloodelves
Faction: Horde
Recruiting officers: Ashderal, Kaloreal, Celestio

Concept: An old academy founded during the ancient Kaldorei Empire reopened its gates for eager students, artists and scholars. Main activities are magical studies, cultural education, excavations and excursions around azeroth, philosophy, intellectual RP. Non-academic staff is accepted as well.


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Guild name: Eastern Resorts

Faction: Alliance (Neutral)

Type: Resorts management, Holidays and other fun events.

Concept: Only ic and ooc kindness are allowed to keep the good vibe we have.
Ooc objective: to help new Roleplayers, teach about trp3 and show proper ways of basic RP.

Base of operation: We have several resorts but the main one is Kirthaven&Thundermar.

Guild master: Lally

Recruiting officer: Lally, Instaguy, Kehliesh, Sunae, Terence.

Guild name: WhiteFalcons.
Races: All.
Faction: Horde.
Guild Master: Gabríel.
Recruiting officers: Gabríel and Eltharos.

Type: Mercenary Unit (roleplay).

Concept: The White Falcons aids to safeguard those of the horde and those in need for help. The unit also focuses on aiding their members with personal growth, developing/improving their skills and abilities.

Base of operation: Mainly in Silvermoon City. Our base is at Falconwing Square Inn.

OOC Information: The guild homes a lot of wonderful people. It's a very diverse group of players that holds people from many different nations, ages and backgrounds. Our discord is where we are socializing when not in-game. We discuss everything from events/campaigns, lore and daily life situations. To sharing Art, Commissions and pictures of our own pets.

Guild Profile:
Order of the Silver Hand [A-RP]

Type: Paladin RP

Concept: We represent the infamous faction of paladins, striving to uphold all that is good in this world and overcoming the strife against evil.

Galford, Haringoth and Talagan

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The Copperpot Cartel [H-RP]

Type: Criminal RP

Concept: The Copperport Cartel is a multi-race neutral aligned guild that is looking to grow and expand their turf and business operations. They either trade it for coin, sabotage, or perform a hostile takeover.

Evée (Guildmaster)

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Guild name: Stonefist Clan
Faction: Alliance
Type: RP (IC Membership)
Dwarf only, social, exploration guild. No Raids, no battlegrounds. You can do that stuff OOC, but not IC. Guild chat is used for OOC. Letters for IC.
If you are interested in joining, send me an IC letter ingame and a OOC PM in the Forums.
Base of operation: Kharanos, Old Town Stormwind.
Guild master: Sigrog (IC name: Sigrog Oddmantle, Character name: Sigrog)
Recruiting officer: Sigrog, Marf
Guild-forum/website: Not available.
Guild name: Alliance Salvaging
Faction: Alliance
Type: RPpvp/pve
Concept: A salvaging and resource collecting guild to connect civilian RP, industrial RP with military RP
Base of operation: Stormwind City Harbour
Guild master: Lochton
Recruiting officer: Lochton
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Guild Name: Clan Stormheart
Faction: Alliance
Type: Dwarf RP / PvE
Concept: Highland family bannered under Wildhammer. Story Telling RP, DM'n events.
Base of Operation: Kirthaven / Aerie Peak.
Guild Master: Grahda
Recruiting Officer: Grahda, Thunderlung, Torcus, Aerla.
Guild Forum / Website:
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Guild name: Alliance Charity Society
Concept: Altruistic roleplay, helping the citizens of the Alliance in as many ways as possible. You can often see us giving out food, offer shelter and protection or support those living through pain and loss to get back on their feet.
Faction: Alliance.
Recruiting officers: Xuviuz, Alumnia
Base: Stormwind Canals - Ol´ Emma´s House (She is fine with it)
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Guild Name: Proudmarch
Faction: Alliance
Type: Military, Political, RP-PvP/PvE
Concept: Paramilitary political band, based on avenging Theramore, following Jaina and "waking" the Alliance up.
Base of Operation: Stormwind.
Guild Master: Olivaron
Recruiting Officer: Olivaron, Stêfan, Pegleg.
Guild Thread:
Argent Archives: (none yet)
Guild Name: The Scrimshanders
Faction: Alliance
Type: RP, with military and covert emphases. Some shipboard RP planned.
Concept: Hunters of the undead, working against the Horde and practitioners of dark magic alike.
Base of Operations: Silverpine and the western seaboard of the Eastern Kingdoms.
Guild Master: Taeghen
Recruiting Officers: Taeghen again, for now.
Guild Thread:
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I believe more links are needed... What am I supposed to do with all the names anyway? (And how do I get rid of this tag of the guild I've quit already?)
08/03/2018 08:43Posted by Iciya
The Steelwater Cartel, Horde-leaning Neutral Trade/Mercs/Sailing Guild
Hello, this sounds very interesting and exciting, i would like to know more
Guild Name: Red Venturers
Faction: Horde
Type: RP/Social/Casual PvE
Concept: A collection of Horde-loyal adventurers and mercenaries; focusing on taking jobs others over-look.
Base of operation: Horde Territories; nowhere specific.
Guild Master: Watrus, Khaltarr

I am totally new to WOW, having decided to give it a try wit the release of BfA. I would like to try rp, and enjoy pve content from previous games I have played (swtor, lotro).

Are there any guilds recruiting that would welcome a total newbie? I am keen to give rp a try, but at the moment probably wouldn't be able to keep up with hardcore rp!

I usually play healers, but currently I am enjoying the in your face nature of warrior :-)

I am happy to play horde or alliance.

Many thanks
Hey there!
I'm a long-time horde player who has recently switched over to the Alliance.
I'm looking for a fun social roleplay guild to grab a few drinks in a pub with after a long day and just relax a little bit and take things as they go.

If that sounds like good to you than please do give me a whisper ingame or do whatever really. I'm open for surprises!
Guild name: Brethren of the coast
Type: Pirate RP
Concept: we are a coalition of Pirate Guilds and crews
Base of operation: Azeroth
Guild master: Hongju
Recruiting officer: Âimee

At the moment we are a pirate guild allowing players to choose between 2 crew's / ship's Hongyu's: serpent's breath / Aimee's : belore fortuna.

While the serpent's breath focusses more heavily on the Pirate concept, the belore fortune offers more sympahty towards the horde. Its up to the player to decide.
Guild name: The Talongarde
Races: Accepting of all.
Faction: Alliance
Recruiting officers: Meltherne, Delindae

Concept: A military order - not a strict military regiment - that seeks to, as well as fight the faction war, defend the innocent people that are under threat of much less present problems towards their safety. On the side, the Talonguard will try and host - or aid in organizing - community-wide events to bring people together, as well as provide diplomatic and military aid to other orders.


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