The Maelstrom old pvp players

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
I wonder whos still playing pvp nowadays .. are ppl from Nothing Personal , Havoc , Deepy Disturbed etc still around ? :D
Me (drakedogthre shadowpriest lvl 60) and Markie (Human warrior lvl 60) still play sometimes PEEEEEEVEEEEEEPPPPPP
Ohhh you are ? Thought u both quitted long ago ... well you can add me on my btag : Diki#2768 :D We could do bgs like we did back in the days [=
We quited around wotlk and came back in panda but didnt stayed for long, now we are lvling all a rogue with some frends from way back so we still need to gain some more xp before we can enter bgs again, but only playing casuel since we dont got much time these days unlike we had in vanilla wow
But i dont think there are many people left from the mealstrom lvl 60 pvpers
Haha its fine mate im not playing serious aswell [=
I'm still about I was Zikku at 60 Enhancment Shaman of Havoc and Iceberg Ice Mage of Havoc at 70.

Good to see your still about Diki

I think this char was also in Deserter for a bit at 80 when Havoc moved to Alliance to join forces
Another familiar name :D I see you moved back to Horde [= hehe

Kinda moved on to PvE but at every start of an expansion I still try to do some pvp. I think the last time I did some serious PvP was in Cata.

Havoc is pretty much dead, since the end of Cata, but I see Bokkie is online every now and then.
Hey hey Beli , well i saw many ppl lately returning but most of them arent even using realm forums :D Good to hear that Bokkie is also playing from time to time :D
Im still around Dik
Hehe i knew you were still active , but didnt know where u went [=
Still play occasionally, I'm from oldey timey Havoc, joined Havoc before most of Havoc was 40. Think Tragnariana was the only 60 at the time. Sometimes wonder if any of the old rivals are still around, like Melon and Fulagonbryn (or however it was spelt).
Poonzor/Amzo from PVPunks / Nothing Personal here.

Quit after WotLK ended and played maybe like 3 months after. Started playing like 4 days ago to play Legion with a couple of gamer friends.

How you all doing?

Heard old core Punks/NP died pretty fast after WotLK?
I only really PVPed in vanilla and tbc, in a guild called Execute.
Poonzor mmm COW druid right ? :D
Hi Birgit , i do remember you too but dont know if u remember me [=
If you guys are returning and need home let me know ingame . Its nothing serious just some oldies still playing from time to time within Deserter guild.
Would be nice to revive part of that old pvp community we had back in the days :D
Im usually on Diki or Dikilina
Yea Cow druid.

This one :D
I still play on and off but nothing like I used to.Was Papertiger in both Destiny Awaits and Havoc but most people I played with quit :(

I am planning on playing more in Legion but doubt I will bother joining any guilds or anything.Good to see some old names here especially Beli :D
Can me and my brother join your guild Deserter Diki, both lvl 100 rogue now

Markie human warrior rank 13 and me drakedogthre dwarf priest rank 11 back at lvl 60^
We were in execute / sentinels back at 60, maybe already 10 years ago or something
going for full PVP again @ legion
Ofc you can , after all we are not serious anymore guild is a bit inactive aswell but some old players still play [= Just whisper me ingame

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