The Maelstrom old pvp players

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
Was in Havoc, only thing that's changed was I was Horde & I didn't have an 'i' in my name :P
RIP WoW 2005-2011
Im still alive and kicking ! And still in Havoc !
Hej hej Bokkie [=
This tread this active? Was in Dusk and then at lvl 60 joined Dusk Elite -> Abyss and then Havoc after geting tired of raiding. Wanted to play with my brother aswell in Havoc. Levorius says hello Bokkie.
I still play, although on Horde now. (I was in Deeply Disturbed)
Currently playing TM alliance with my warrior and horde with my druid Phone. :)
Horde for life, lok'tar ogar.
Playing on Kazzak these days unfortunately, still horde though.

I really hope that everyone who used to play on Maelstrom back in day will still play there when vanilla is released;)
Diki is fake btw. Straight from Diki's stream :thinking:

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