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Death Knight
Back in the day i got a set of Insubordination Boots On a old human DK who i have deleted as i changed to horde for mop and re rolled, now i have seen conflicting reports if they will be in the Legion wardrobe. Can anyone tell me if there in there or not and if i could use them on my orc dk? as i really want to use http://wowroleplaygear.com/2012/04/12/northrend-blue-plate/ that set.
Items will be only be added to the wardrobe if you have them in your bank or bags when Legion/wardrobe is launched.

Items deleted prior to that are lost forever.
Well that sucks.... thanks for the info thay said earlyer on in the alpha that it would be all items, when did they change it ???
Always been all items in bags/voidstorage/ bank and quest rewards, if isnt a quest reward and you dont got it physicly anymore, it wont unlock. has been that way since start.
with abit of luck u can still get it.

u can try to get the char back (once per month) and then use the item restoration feature (also once per month) but dont know how back in time the list can go.

still if its a rare item maybe its worth the shoot
been told its three months, after that they can't restore anymore. Its what they told me after my account got hacked.
Any items you have obtained either recently or in the past will be in your wardrobe.

I accidentally deleted some items at start of WoD and they are in my wardrobe.

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