Nardan's Bloody Coin Boosting Service

Good service, idd :-)
Fast, cheap and reliable service, took me 20 mins to get 700 coins.
Great boost and great guy! It took me like 10 min per 500 coins so 40 min total. I paid all at once "just because i am lazy" and there was no trouble at all. So happy to have my Fire-Watcher title now! 10/10
he helped me from cratch .. didn't even know how to make the macro haha ... 10/10
I'm a very happy girl now .. got achievs, mount and pet :D
Cheap, Fast, and great service.
Thanks you.
Just got mine done within half an hour, from 500-2000, for a decent cost. :)

Quick and easy.
Great boost, took about 40min. everything went great.

taxi to the location was included ^^
It was a really fast way! I can recommend it if you need the coins fast and you dont want to farm it.
Easy and fast.
Never thought id get it done.
Thanks alot 10/10
Trustworthy service, fast and easy :) he even reminded me to pop my Fire-Watcher's Oath.
Can recommend 100%

Also, he is a nice guy <3

Did the 2000 blood coin boost just now, boost was easy and smooth.

Excellent service, would definitely recommend!

Super nice service 10/10. Even tho i was a retard in so many ways and wasted lots of this guys time, he was still super nice and VERY fair
Fast & smooth. +1
After a year break off my boosting service, we are now up and running again!

Some slight changes have been made to the post.
+rep fast and easy
Perfect service! :D,Perfect service! :D
Boost is available again!
Accepting gold on Stormscale horde and Ravencrest alliance!

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