Selling Heavy Junkbox

Twisting Nether

I am looking to sell Heavy Junkbox on Twisting Nether - Horde side

You can use these for Ravenhold reputation, if you're hunting <name> the Insane title.
You can also unlock them for a chance of reciving Teebu's Blazing Longsword (Super low drop chance)

Boxes in stock: 13
Boxes ordered: 0
Price per box: 400 - 600 Gold.
Stock & Price will be updated as i farm/sell them.
Expect 24 hour Delivery Time for every 400 Lockboxes

Sold: 22.903

Throw a post here and/or add me ingame if youre interrested! Guardian#2521

5 Boxes will give 75 reputation for one turn in. You can increase the amount of rep gained through Darkmoon buff, aswell as a few world event buffs.
Neutral to Exalted: 2800 (2520 with 10% buff)
Friendly to Exalted: 2600 (2340 with 10% buff)
Honored to Exalted: 2200 (1980 with 10% buff)
Revered to Exalted: 1400 (1260 with 10% buff)

I am also able to supply lockboxes and accept payment on EU-Kazzak Horde.
Which realm are you on?
08/07/2016 08:12Posted by Kharack
Which realm are you on?

This is on Twisting Nether - Horde
Price updated.
I ordered 928 boxes from this guy. He had an order he needed to finish first, but I still got my boxes when I got home from work next day. Polite and effective.
Price updated.
Bought 1300 boxes from Worldguard on Twisting Nether and was able to pick them up after just a few days. Very smooth and professional, I recommend this seller to others looking to buy:)
Back on the horse, ready to farm again.
Bought 4200 boxes from him. Got boxes in two weeks. Recommend this seller to others .
Bought approx 2400 boxes from him, got everything in time. I recommend him!
Are you still selling by anychance? sent a friend request anyway.
Ozwald, yes i am. I however didnt get any friend request from you.
Price Updated.

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