Phasing; A massive problem (RP)

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Now that the Legion pre-patch is out, I mostly have good things to say about the game. I enjoy many of the class changes and at first considered recruiting some old friends back to the game, but, amidst all this you've created a huge problem.

With the latest patch, according to and as I've seen myself, large areas are now automatically phased. Which is fine in theory, but you're creating a lot of other problems doing this; For many years you've flat out ignored the RP servers, with toys that disrupt RP and such, but this is even worse. Effectively what you do by phasing big hubs into a lot of smaller ones is make any sort of RP entirely impossible.

Stormwind is a major RP-hub and now its been split into 3 phases at least. I understand the intention, but as good as lessening server strain is, it also has the effect of making RP in hubs or otherwise -ENTIRELY- impossible. Any sort of RP community is gone in Stormwind, because at any given time you're only seeing one third of the players and how exactly are you going to imagine a vivid city when you can't see a third of the citizens?

Its a massive kick to the face of any RPer that wants to RP in a big hub and I sincerely hope you'll consider changing this. If not across all servers, then do it for RP servers. I with myself that I'll lose interest if this isn't changed and just let the subscription run out, and I've talked to others RPers that feel the same way.

Could we get some word on this? Do you intend to help out RP servers for once, or is this just a bug? (Some people've suggested that the phasing is a bug. Either way it looks bad, because a 'feature' of yours on a RP server is so inherently destructive to the RP community that its immediately assumed to be a bug)

EDIT 1: US servers are also responding to this. They want to twitter campaign it, I suggest you do the same. #BringBackRolePlay to @WarcraftDevs and @BlizzardCS

EDIT 2: Regardless of the tweet in my original post, it seems they now acknowledge it as a bug. Thanks for supporting the thread so far anyway, I'm sure some CS guy will at least remember some people care about RP. <3

EDIT 3: They patched it or tried. Then failed. I appreciate the effort people put into supporting threads like this. Stay active on twitter people and someone is bound to notice properly. We still need a proper blue response as to whats going to happen with this phasing issue.
A whole community that has made friends, built lives and love roleplaying will dissapear if this is indeed intended and not planned to be changed in any way.

Please Blizzard, respond to this.
Stormwind feels empty. Cathedral square, while it does not have the highest quality of roleplay, feels dead.

This murders my drive to start a RP guild.

What is the point of holding RP events that nurture your community when I cannot see other people in the same spot?
it's clear that the roleplay community hasn't seen much love by Blizzard. But this change simply killed it entirely. Please revert these phasing changes to the main cities. They feel so empty now..
I have to agree with all the above statements. Not only is the city dead, but having to group your friends just to see them is utterly ridiculous. This really have to be changed back to it's former glory or RP will die. Because I even had guild members being phased. That is not going to work well for RP guilds...
20/07/2016 18:41Posted by Torián
Please revert these phasing changes to the main cities.
They were intended for high-population areas, so why just not roll this entire plan back? Besides, what about RP-PvP campaigns? Where most of the military roleplayers from both factions gather to do some PvP with a touch of roleplay combined.
This is a deathstab to RP. How could you possibly interact with new people if you can't even see them? Sure, you can RP with people you're in a group with, but RP is also about meeting new and interesting characters.

Please, Blizzard, revert this change. No seperate phases for the same location.
Blizzard,this is RP server if you don't know. I personally think that you don't really know it, because instead of making RP better, you just ruined it. You must fix it. Role Play is very important part of the whole thing WoW. This is massive problem. FIX IT!!!!! Whole game gets ruined people.

It seems like CS has caught on to the wind.
I hope they really work on it! They are ruining the whole RP thing.
Blizzard is trying to "fix"" a problem that, I personally, haven't experienced ever. What are you accomplishing with this?

I'll tell you what you're accomplishing, thanks for asking. You're alienating roleplay for a considerable size of your playerbase ; roleplayers.

Have you taken a look at the direction your subscriber-count is headed over time? Yeah, how about you don't take a step forward, but three steps backwards?

Don't phase RP-servers. If anything, make Stormwind cross-realm. Or Ironforge, unless that's already a thing.
I'm betting 80% of the people that keep the game afloat during content draughts are RPers despite being shafted time and time again.

Sure, RP community can take a kicking and constant mocking; But there's a straw that breaks the camel's back. And when that happens and RPers massively leave the game, well; I'll just say, it'll cost the game more than an occasional raid tier.

Stop with this phasing crap already. It's 2016. All your players want is more WORLD OF WARCRAFT -- to play the game surrounded by lots of people, the same game they loved for 12 years. Not lots of technical changes that wreck more than they fix and segregate the playerbase (cough Garrison and Phasing cough).
What the butts?
While I can understand that this sort of thing might... I dunno, ease server load or somesuch, it flagrantly flies in the face of the concept of "Massively Multiplayer."
Not to mention that this kind of thing will heavily affect the very nature of an RP server.
Some reconsideration might be in order.
As people have already said what I would have said - I will simply state that - yes, this must be reverted.

Or at the very least offer an alternative to switch phases, like on SWTOR. I'd prefer it gone all-together, but at least it'd offer an alternative.

Don't let this happen.
Signed, this has to change.

I know they said they're working on it, but this is such a huge problem for roleplaying communities worldwide that it *willl* kill off a huge chunk of the playerbase if it's not reverted.
Rp is seriously the only thing keeping nearly half of AD subbing monthly. If this change continues and isn't reverted ASAP, then Blizz can expect AD to be another one of those medium/low realms.

Do. Not. Let. This. Happened.
Agreed, this has to STOP.
Yes. Please, revert the phasing, it would be bad for RP on the long run.

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