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UPDATE: Appears that several people suffering the same issue are UK based using Plusnet as their ISP, I wonder if other Plusnet users are suffering the same fate and what can be done about it?

For the last several days, I've been getting constant disconnects, often in the evenings. Game will be fine during the day, then gets steadily worse as we approach 'peak time'. At which point everytime I change zone (HS, portal, enter BG/dungeon) game will hang on loading screen and disconnect. Sometime it will give the me the general disconnect error and boot me out completely, othertimes it will kick me to character screen and claim world server is down. If I restart game sometime it may take several goes before it loads successfully. This is practically making the game unplayable in the evenings - which is when I can play with my friends - so kinda defeats the purpose of an MMO.

Have tried all of the standard recommended troubleshooting in stickies and other posts - addressing network issues, disabling addons etc, deleting battlenet caches and renew/flushing DNS, seems to make no difference.

It's not a permanent issue as the game may function fine all day, but then evening hits and it barely functions. No other internet based programs seem to be affected other than wow.

I'm really at loss what to do now, its pretty unplayble at the moment.
Same here. Been getting disconnected all evening whenever I hit a loading screen, and now cant even get in world, as I'm getting "world server down" errors. Again.
I have been having the same issue, tried removing catch, WTF and interface folder, power cycling network, flushing DNS, and have even tried reinstalling the game, however i am still having this issue. During the day, no problems at all, however i hit 7PM GMT and the problems start. This can happen when heathstoning, loading, or even flying into a populated zone. Sometimes it hangs on the 'Logging into game sever' other times it freezes at 90% on the loading screen. It is making it very hard and frustrating to play. (UK based using ISP Plusnet)
I am also uk based using plusnet, I wonder if there is a common problem here?
I am also having the exact same issue and i'm also with PlusNet!
Seems a bit too coincidental, I think i will give them a call, but not really sure what to say! lol. It was fine before the patch i think. I managed to get on about 20mins ago, and have just been kicked off when entering a cut scene. Now can get back on.
I am trying their online chat now Kraqon - will let the chat know what they say.

I can't even get in anymore.
Fix the damn login crap. It's been weeks, if not months people have been reporting disconnects, even with the best possible internet in the country and everything working. Yet you deny it's on your end.
Just an Odd question here, but do any of you lot that use PlusNet play SWTOR ? Mine is not loading either ...
BBxnet here from Slovakia. Same issues guys. I can't play any of blizz games. In WoW sometimes I am able to log into game but with 8K latency and then disconnect. In OW I am not able to log into server. Yesterday was everything without issues. I played long seassion in OW yesterday without issues. Must be on Blizz side.
I've had a response from Blizzard Support, i'll Copy and Paste Below:

Hello Mathew,

thank you for contacting us about the issue. My collegue assumed that you where connecting from a gouvernment connection, as Plusnet's IP range is still registered as belonging to the "Department for Work and Pensions" - however it seems like this has changed since this database was last updated.

Nevertheless, it seems like more players are indeed affected by this and share your ISP here. We're currently invesitigating what could cause this, as at least the tracert you sent in looks okay so far, so it's probably something they specifically do to the traffic to our servers that is causing problems, such as traffic shaping or quality of service prioritization. Contacting your ISP directly would be a great help here as well, as while we try to reach out to service providers, we can't always affect much change, as we are not their direct customers.

I'm still in a queue to talk to them (ISP - PlsuNet) on their Live Chat

EDIT: Added clarity to 'them'
Thanks for your persistence Corrupta!

I don't play SWTOR.

I must say I found your copy paste of the blizzard support response very spooky, as I actually work at the Department for Work and Pensions - it seems odd that Plusnet IPs would be registered to them - but I guess just a spooky coincidence?! (of course Plusnet is my private home connection, I'm not connecting through work).

Would be interesting to hear the Plusnet response.
I'm talking to them now (not that helpful really) but what I did get was this:

I can safely say that we did have some issues with that particular IP range but they have been resolved and we have updated the relevant databases to reflect our ownership of those IPs but it is taking some time for it to filter through
Well, apparently they will look in to it. No ETA (as normal). Blizz, if you are reading this, I don't think it's just a PlusNet problem - So no fobbing people off! :-)

Considering we are paying for a service we can't actually use ... it's not good.
Same problems here in Sweden.
Using "Telia" as network provider
01/08/2016 21:44Posted by Corrupta
Well, apparently they will look in to it. No ETA (as normal). Blizz, if you are reading this, I don't think it's just a PlusNet problem - So no fobbing people off! :-)

Considering we are paying for a service we can't actually use ... it's not good.

Thanks for pursuing Corrupta, and good to hear they are at least going to 'look into it'.

Agree whilst it seems like several Plusnet users are having the issue, its not just Plusnet users that have the issue, so I hope Blizzard can put some real effort into working with the relevant ISPs to solve whatever the issue is.

At the moment the game is unplayable at normal 'social' hours with friends, which just isn't acceptable. Whilst I can live with this for another week or so, this will be beyond annoying if it interrupts our enjoyment of the new content coming soon. Please get this working so we can enjoy the game we love!
Same Issues as everyone else but on Talktalk in the UK currently sat at 6k ms world and 500ms home.
Yes, thank you Corrupta for talking to PlusNet i will also do the same, I have raised a ticked with Blizzard as well. This cannot carry on. Its extreamly frustrating! I will update on this thread once i get some news.
Exactly the same issue here on BT Infinity 2. Massive lag spikes, random disconnects... game is basically unplayable.
BT own PlusNet so I assume it's the same infrastructure impacted at the minute, very annoying.
Also with Plusnet. Get stuck on 90% Loading. Then World Server Down for several minutes before it lets me log in. Then as soon as I load somewhere else I get the same problem

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