hunter/mage/paladin/warrior LFG

Hello i am 20 year old Latvian student and looking for a guild for Legion.
I have 2-3 year experience in wow mostly in cata expation.
I main Hunter, but have no problem playing mage/pala/warrior.
I can be online 17ish till 23ish. all days and Fridays and Saturdays more.
Looking for semi hard core or hard core raid guild. With 2-3 raids a week.
Prefer a guild with 2 main raids and some alt runs
Hey, pievieno friendlistē Godwack#2732 ja vēl spēlē.
Hello there.
Kin is currently looking for one Hunter to join our ranks.
We raid thursday/sunday 20:00 till 23:00 with one more optional Raid on wednesday where we clear Antorus normal (heroic when we start focusing on mythic).

For more info

Or read our recruiting post on the forums that have all the details.


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