Gnome Hunters on Frostmane ("fun" topic)

So yea, prepatch has been out for like at least 2 weeks now, and I have seen like a whole 5 Gnome Hunters so far. So either you are all hiding, afraid of me (don't worry my transmog isn't as bad as the armory shows), or you're not a Gnome (yet).

My twitter feed needs more of you, get yourself to Stormshield or your own favorite place in WoW so we can immortalize your ticket on the Gnomish Hypetrain** in style! (You don't NEED to be a hunter specifically)

*(Fun depends on what you think is fun, so if you're not one for meeting other Gnome players or you don't want your character's name on twitter, this might not be for you. All the cool Gnomes do it though!)

**(Gnomish Hypetrain may or may not self-destruct, Goblin engineers may or may not have been involved)

Joking aside, I'm doing this to give the people on Frostmane that are either new to the realm, or don't have any real in-game friends on the realm (yet) a chance to meet some of the players who maybe are just like them (maybe they're both Gnome fanatics, maybe they just all enjoy playing hunter, and maybe some other stuff!).

I got this idea after reading the recent "Why did Frostmane die?" Post. Maybe it'll bring back a small sense of community within Frostmane's playerbase (after all, we're about to break out of our garrisons). And I want to do just that. To bring back the community, nothing more.

So if you're out there Hunters, or just new players to Frostmane, let yourself be heard!
We exist, in the shadows and shallow waters.
Oh no, not the waters near the entrance to Ashran I hope? I fell in there once, took me 30 minutes to get out :(
Maybe if blizzard weren't such jews and reduced the price of character services heavily there would be more

Gnomesquad ready to beat Legion
Oh that's awesome, I'd love to get a picture of those myself! Next time I see you around I'll toss you a message!
gnomes unite boys
But...I don't use twitter...

no soup for you
13/08/2016 21:46Posted by Soembie
But...I don't use twitter...

You don't need to have a Twitter account to feast your eyes on the glory that is the Gnome community, they're as tight-knit as it gets.

When was the last time you saw a bunch of hoomans around a campfire talking about random stuff? That's what I thought!
Does anyone know when gnome druids will arrive? :( rerolling instant

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