[A] <Legend of the Alliance> 18+ LF all!

Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash
Legend of the Alliance is one of the oldest guilds on EU-Eonar (now also connected with Blade's Edge and Vek'nilash), founded February 15th 2007, focusing on the 18+ social raiding spot combining family life, good-natured fun and good progression through TBC, Wrath, Cataclysm, MoP and WoD. Current progression 2/11H

We offer the usual benefits of an old and well-established guild in stable leadership and organization, skilled and mature members, and an active but relaxed guild atmosphere. We of course provide the usual complement of conveniences during raids, including paid repairs and feasts for food buffs. Now we're looking for a few more raiders and socials for Legion! Do note that we have stopped raiding for Legion but are still doing raids for fun frequently, as well as challenge modes, mythic dungeons, some pvp and old content and you are all very welcome along :)

Currently recruiting:

* Healers! (Holy Paladin particularly)

Bolded classes (if present) are highly wanted!

We are currently full on the following:


*** Exceptional applicants of any class/spec welcome regardless! ***

Our current raid times are:
Wednesday and Sunday, 20.30 till 23.00 server time (CET).

Be aware that unlike most raiding guilds we do not have a minimum signup policy, we realize that today everybody have things going on in real life and thus we make sure to cover every role allowing for people to be absent or take a break if they need to. A steady raider is a prized member indeed but all are welcome in LotA, whether you raid every single day or can only raid once or twice a week or (as one of our more veteran members do) every other week.

On the social side we run regular alt runs, achievment or social runs to old content, and ofc run 5 mans and similar together "all the time". Occasionally we have guild get-togethers in game ranging from gathering/fishing events to help out for raids, to more RP oriented events to chill after a raid week or celebrate some event or other.

Finally, we strive to offer sensible feedback to our raiders following a raid and role leaders are tasked with being active with their charges and provide help wrt raid performance, gearing/gemming/spec etc.

WoW Insider did an article on the guild a few years back, you can read this here http://wow.joystiq.com/2009/03/10/15-minutes-of-fame-its-all-in-the-planning/ for some more information on us, you can also check our guild website http://www.legendofthealliance.com/ for information or to apply.

Thank you for taking the time, hope to see you in game!
Been neglecting this forum a bit but we're looking for more healers as well as some more dps :)
Hi There. Interesting in finding out more about the guild, very keen raider with hc experience and 872 Item Level. Restro Shaman. Any chance we can talk more ingame?
Hello I'm an experienced raider at 866 shaman ele and i also have a rogue 850 which i am currently gearing, i am very flexible with raid time and can always help out. Would love to join! /w me ingame please

Happy birthday to us all! LotA is now 10 years old, not too shabby for this day and age I'd say :)

We are still raiding, still recruiting and still having fun, find us in game or via our webpage at www.legendofthealliance.com.

Grats all!
Still here :) Gul'Dan HC and Skorpyron Mythic down, still looking for more raiders (mage/ele primarilly, but all considered!).
Reckon there is a spot for me? Currently looking for a new guild for Wednesday with option of Sunday raid or visa versa. Sometimes both
*cough* Bump!

Looking for healers now! (Hpala, shaman or monk, but all welcome!)

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