Do you still keep your gear ?

With the advent of wardrobe, you can, in practice, vendor all your gear apart from what you dps/heal/tank with.

However, do you still keep gear that is irellevant ?

Me, yes I certainly do.

There's a crap ton of stuff that I've got, especially v low drop almost non existent weapons that I just can't bear to part with them. Same goes for a number of sentimental items as well.

So yes, I'm still a hoarder.
I'll admit I still hesitate deleting my old fully gemmed and enchanted gear from TBC/Wrath. The different gems remind me of those times.

Stuff I got and kept solely for transmog purpose however, I had no issues deleting. I love the new wardrobe function, I'll finally have bag space again (when I get around deleting all the !@#$).
Only thing I haven't deleted was my Smouldering Bulwark from Marrowgar in ICC, it took me 32 weeks to get, and I didn't have enough to outbid, but the other shaman passed. Good times. :)
I deleted almost everything right away. Later I realized that probably should have kept some sets for TW etc, but it's also nice to start fresh In Legion.
All is gone!
I only deleted the easily replaceable stuff and kept the super rare things I had. I know exactly what Blizzard are like, and it seems to have proven true; I now have a shiny new set of Scarlet armour, both mail and plate.

Seriously, did anyone really believe Blizz would hit the mark on the wardrobe right off the bat? I mean look at it, it's a mess.
I would like to keep gear but i also would like to have free bags, guess i will store few transmog items in void storage in case if Blizzard will temporaly disable wardrobe in future.

And im storing items that are useful not for transmogs but for in-game effects but not toys items that give slow-fall.
i had a whirlwind clearout which I may live to regret later.
I doublechecked to see if it indeed transfered to wardrobe feature and then vendored most of the stuff... I did kept some stuff like Scythe of Ahune because of visuals that turn on when u press the item like trinkets work or some cool looking stuff like Legacy axe
Sold for profit instantly when i logged in.
mostly ,yes, there are some certain bits that i kept back..juuust in case wardrobe malfunctions..:)
I still have my heroic SoO gear - it's ugly as sin but I killed Garrosh HC wearing it so I've got some sentimental attachment to it.

I also have quite a few weapons I won't vendor: Ironfeather Longbow, WoD CM weapons, and a few others which I wouldn't be able to get back on my hunter without using item restore.
the wiseest thing i could do is checking the item in wardrobe before selling it. however i just couldnt make myself delete items that are not obtainable anymore... the devil never sleeps you know.

blizzard already stated that they can't track any obtained but lost item in your past, so if something happens, those item would vanish forever and you can be sure blizz would not replace them.

not to mention old quest rewards that are still not in my wardrobe as it was promised.
I've kept everything....I can't trust blizzard not to make changes to the feature and I end up having to go fetch it all over again.
Deleted everything. Now my bank is empty and I'm wondering what I wanted all that space for. :D
Only rare drops, for the rest I just sold everything.
I've got a load of random old rubbish that just brings back good memories from the game, might as well keep it. Whirlwind Sword is one, level 70 Horsemans head too. My Talon of the Phoenix weapon from TBC I still have, along with Gorehowl, my S1 Gladiators chest + Bulwark of Ancient Kings chest, my Cursed Vision of Sargeras (Warriors used leather prior to Cataclysm).

Loads of stuff really, gemmed and enchanted just sitting in the bank gathering dust, it's not as if I need the bank space for anything else. Most of it is stuff I was keeping long before the Transmog feature was put into the game, let alone the Wardrobe.
I delete them as I need more room. Got too much of that stuff stored away somewhere that i can't bother selling/deleting them. Besides... as people said. Some of that stuff has memories on them! :C

Like this mage. It was created few months after vanilla release. I got cool stuff in bank still. Stuff you can't get anymore. :)
I kept legendaries, but ditched everything else as I see no reason to hang onto them.
No. Pixels hold no sentimental value to me. And all the tidy bags please me.

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