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Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar
We are an English-speaking, non-hardcore raiding and social guild comprised of a friendly, relaxed group of both veterans and nooblets who aim to actually have fun with the game and help each other out while making raid progress at an easy pace.

Our raid group is focused on simple, stress-free progression, but with a structure that ensures the smooth running of our activities - raiders are expected to perform at a decent level of skill (help is provided to those who need it), and come prepared and on-time to raids.

More importantly, we try to recruit people, not players. So past experience is not mandatory to join us and there is no application form to fill out - if you are interested in joining, we will invite you to a raid or two and if we like having you around, you will be offered a permanent place in the group.

You can whisper Radwell (CaptainRad#2751), Cynothoglys (Jornt#2405) or Solria (Dermy165#2816) (all Auchindoun) ingame, or visit oldsoul.shivtr.com if you want more information, and contact any guild member for an invitation.
We are still recruiting! We are specifically looking for a mage, shaman (resto & ele), druid (balance), hunter. Other classes are free to apply as well though!
Hello, i would like to join your guild, i am an enc shammy. How can i get in touch?
Still looking for a mage, boomkin, shamans and some heals. Whisper one of us to talk or any guild member for an invite.
We're currently in the market for some heals and ranged DPS who want to make progress but aren't too worried about pushing for mythic.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm to 11pm CET and are currently working at a steady pace on heroics.
Hello there . I would like to join the guild . May I get an invite please ?
9/10 guild :)
Just confirming that we are always looking for members to raid or just hang out, and we're trying to start up some regular, low-skill RBGs if we get enough interest.

For raids we're looking for DPS mainly (preferably ranged but all are welcome) but we can also take some people with OS healing as we're occasionally down a healer or two. You can check my profile if you want to know our progress and bear in mind that we don't make any formal attempts at mythic bosses, but if we have the numbers we'll take a shot.

Please contact one of the officers mentioned in the OP if you want an invite.
Are you still taking people on?
I want to join with my shadow priest on auchindoun

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