Path of Redemption is recruiting

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Path of Redemption is now recruiting

Ranged DPS for our raid team preferably casters.
PoR is quite a new guild (Formed in August 2016)
Created by a bunch of wow addicted friends, most of us have played since Vanilla.
If you would like to know more about us before applying to the guild, feel free to contact Thindra, Aylish, Zelmiss, Rhoslyne, Sallyjo or Crawdor.

Our vision for the guild
Recruit more players that are just as social and crazy as we are.
We love to do things together, like run dungeons, raids, quests, transmogruns and more.
We are not aiming for mythic raids atm just normal and heroic difficulties, we are not a hardcore guild.
Most of us have fulltime jobs and children, so time is limited.


Emerald Nightmare
• Normal 7/7
• Heroic 7/7

Trial of Valor
• Normal 3/3
• Heroic 3/3

The Nighthold
• Normal 10/10
• Heroic 10/10

Tomb of Sargeras
Normal 10/10
Heroic 10/10

Throne of Antorus
Normal 11/11
Heroic 11/11

Thursday: Raid Progress
Saturday: Social raid

What we wish from the applicant, that means YOU
• A mature person above the age of 21.
• A person that can behave and be trusted with our guild name, meaning when you are in our guild u have to behave properly if u play with others.
• Always be polite to people in the guild and to others in the game
• A social person who just love to chat and help others.
• A person who has an interest in raiding and is willing to take the responsibility of turning up prepared to the raid.
• If you want to be a part of our team we hope u understand that for success there is hard work behind it, so dying is a part of the game whatever we do, and that we do it for fun not for hard core
So you have decided to join us?!

Then don’t hesitate to contact any of us

Still looking for more members for our lil comunity :)
We are currently looking for casters to our raid team, but ofc all classes is welcome :)

We are currently..

Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic 3/7 Mythic
Trial of Valor 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic
The Nighthold 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic
Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Normal 2/9 Heroic

We are also looking for any class or spec to add to our ever growing family for more information you can whisper either myself, Thindra, Zelmiss & Kitteheal.
Especially looking for Shadow Priests & Boomkins for our raid team.
Update: 4/9 Heroic ToS

Still looking for ranged caster DPS but always looking for any social people looking for a home :)

6/9 HC ToS

Recruiting Social members as well as social raiders, any spec, any class over 21 years of age :)
7/10 HC TOS

Kitteh is still a noob though :/
Bumping this to the top!

We're looking for DPS! The GM wants emoPriests, both kinds of stabby/shooty Shamans, and Warriors who enjoy hitting things.

All DPS welcome to apply however! More than welcome to chat in game if ya wanna know more (or if you wanna hit up some mythic+ content!)

Our progression raids run Thursdays from 20.00 -22.30 server time.
Recruitment are open again, we are mainly looking for DPS but all classes are welcome.
Recruitment are open again, we are mainly looking for DPS but all classes are welcome.
We also run mythics+ on a regular basis, so if that's your thing then you're welcome to come along :)

We complete +15 in time each week with no issue and some times go higher for the giggles!

If you're a tank or healer you're just as welcome as Dps! Drop us a whisper if interested :)
Finally cleared Throne of Antorus, also gave mythic a try :) Who knows we might go there again with the right ppl on the team !
The Best Guild move I have ever made :-), Great atmosphere in the guild when Raiding, and Doing Mythic+ Content! If your curious about joining, or looking for a new guild it's defiantly worth a chat with one of our officers :)
Thank you for kind words Nexi, awesome to have you on board too!
*bump* we are still looking for more ranged players. All classes are welcome
We are currently looking for this Classes/Specs:

    Druid (balance with healing OS)
    Shammy (elemental )
    Warlocks what ever spec you like
are the guild still looking for bm hunter 240 Ilvl ? add me at nor6695#2971 if you want too talk :D

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