[A] <Kin> 2 Day 5/9 M Recruiting for Mythic

Still looking for a Shadow Priest, Rogue and Death Knight
Roles updated, looking to bolster the roster.
Hello, would you be interested in another Demon Hunter? I am currently 3/7M with 865 equipped ilvl with quite a previous raiding experience. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Bump! Updated, Synthienne I've contacted you in game.
Bump, further players needed.
Bump bump! Several roles are still open!
Bump, roles on the website. www.kinguild.com
Bump,updated roles on the website. www.kinguild.com
Recruitment is still open! Take a look at our website or contact Lanaeri, Velnias or Acras in game!
Bump! We're now 1/3HC ToV! woohoo!
Roles updated
Roles updated, now 2/3
Roles updated
Bimp bump
Progress updated.
Still looking for more to fill some spots for nighthold!
Roles and progress updated.
All updated!

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