The art of Legion (art book)

Im trying to find information about how to get my hands on The Legion art book that i saw comes in the collectors edition of the game (unfortunetly i already bought the digital pre-order version of the game like 9months ago).

is this book currently available to buy standalone, if its not are there any plans to eventually give us the option to buy it? I know there has been Blizzard artbooks in the past you could go out and buy.

Thank you for your time and would be very greatful for any information on this topic
They're usually for sale on e-bay with "Used Code" boxes. Expect it to be expensive though. You're probably better off just asking blizzard to cancel your pre-order and purchase the CE instead (I did this for WoD).

It's a legal grey-area though as you pre-ordered a long time ago.

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