Gratz on Legion Launch

Just wanted to say "Gratz on an awesome launch".

The Forums are the first to complain and it's only fair we should do the opposite when all is well.

Awesome first 90 minutes of uninterrupted play on Legion launch.

Such a shame I had to go sleep for work in the morning.

Well done Blizz.
Awesome 90 minutes to do just the artifact quest and get the prof quest, yeah :D
Indeed, best launch ever! No lag, no ques, no disconnects, EVERYTHING is so SMOOTH, it feels like a dream. Congrats Blizzard, you got it right this time.
My first proper launch and everything has been so smooth! Had a blast getting the artifact weapon and starting on Stormheim. Congrats on a great job Blizzard.
Likewise, smooth as silk so far.
I agree with the OP, well done!
Yep, absolutely smooth.

Sure there was some problems back in Moonglade - Wasn't able to speak to Naralex because it kept giving "Invalid target" due to so many people clicking on him.

But then, out of nowhere, people began to form a line. And one by one everyone got their turn to interact with Naralex and eventually we were all progressing on our quests once again!

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