[H] Careless Recruiting 4/9 HC

Tarren Mill / Dentarg

Any healer would be welcome - message me ingame and ill throw you a ginvite :)
Hey Tyronìca. Hopefully catch you online soon to have a chat :) we are still looking any class to fill any role. We can accommodate for peoples needs ;)
Had a couple of new people join but still room for more!

Pro gear not required we will help gear you up, just need reasonable knowledge of the game :)
/bumpy mc bumpface
So, Whats the status of ur recruitment currently, looking for a new home myself as my server seems to have gone dead
This is a my WowProgress Page
Catch me ingame "Abaddon#2577"
Now full on healers & tanks - still looking for more dps though!
Shameless Bumpage!

We have 1 open healer spot

Still looking for more DPS characters!

Mesage me in game - Drbeef#2861

Heroic progress starts Monday! get signed up and come with us :)
One things for sure raiding is hassle free and fun with Careless!

Look DrBeef up in-game and offer him cookies!

We're still looking for a few more people to progress in Tomb HC and remember social people are always welcomed.

Add Drbeef#2861 for more info!
/ Wave
We are always looking for new members to fill up the raids.
There are 2 active tanks but we can always use a backup tank or two.
Healing is full at the moment.
DPS is always welcome :) more dps the better ;P
We have a good core of quality tanks + healers - just need more numbers on DPS. Give us a try :)
Hey any room for a hunter!?
31 year old brit here looking for some cool people to enjoy the game with.
Still gearing so raidings out of the question at the moment although wont take to long to gear.
I currently have an alliance as main (sham) but want to turn to the dark side once and for all ;)
Hi Goregash - Just seen your message now. Definitely room for a hunter :) just message me in game and ill throw you an invite!
We're still after a few more DPS for raids and of course social members are always welcome.

Add Drbeef#2861 for more info!
I may be interested, I added you in game so we can chat.
Hello again :)
With the summer holidays we are low on members for raids, So we are still currently recruiting all classes for all roles.
Add Cols#2212 if you wanna chat and ask any questions.

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