Class order hall quest missing?

I am 109 and i was supposed to get some quest or mission to get my number 3 and 4 follower in my class order hall, but i am not finding anything, im still stuck on 2 followers, am i missing something?
I believe you may need to do the quest in Dalaran to take the flight path to suramar and do all the quests in the chain to proceed. Had the same issue and think i've just figured it out! :)
I got the same issue i think!
What quest do you mean? there is no quest to take for me, Maxwell disappeared for me, i took the "pursue the hunt for balnazzar" or something like that, and didnt even get to do nothing else after that... my friend has gotten all followup quests and such. this sux >.<
i have the same problem. im 110 and no quest to get champion 3 and 4. i did the quest where u have to findthe shipwreck an nothing else
same problem for me . im missing my order class hall quests . i have two followers now and last quest that i done i did somthing with velen and bruought light's heart in class order hall and spoke to her about ilidan and that waz all . didnt give me any quest after that i got no quest already its buged
Same problem with me. Totally stuck. i do have Khadgar on the mini map showing he's underground with a quest but when i head tot he undercity he vanishes.
Known bug for some Paladins, aswell as for Hunters and Warriors. Been told this bug has been since the beta. I have done up to the same point as Spr and Salsilver. So stuck there and falling behind my guildies because of that.

There have been a bunch of post, tickets and bug reports for it. Just check the US side.
Thought I was the only one. >.<
Here too, only just noticed as I've been levelling 3 characters. Not even sure when it happened, but I'm now 107 with two followers and no continuation to the class hall campaign since 101 or so

I would be nuts mad if this was my main, the issue has been around for months according to old posts. Not cool
There is an issue with the Paladin quest line, most likely a bug where after you choose a strategy for your hall - no quests become available for the class campaign.

I've been following several threads on the US forums. What worked out for me was a post by Quazzimoto on the 2nd page:

I did both of those quests and turned in at the order hall, now i got the next quests in the campaign, for 3rd and 4th followers...

GL, hope this helps you too.
after scene about baby illidan i dont have next quest for last 4 followers, its bug or i miss something?
Im on same boat guys...but same problem with druid class quest. I just dont have them at all when i press "L"
Same problem i have last 2 quest in Exodar and one mission with falower to find report , and now i dont have more q for me class , npc give this continue q dont have q ..... , and now i waiting 5 days to fix :/
Behold...this is the response from GM iv been waiting for 4 days:


Thank you for contacting us. We apologise for the delay in getting back to you, and we also know that a personal reply is expected and we apologise that this is not possible this time, however we are experiencing a very high volume of support requests at the moment.

Game Masters cannot give specific advice regarding Class Halls, however more information regarding new gameplay features such as Class Halls can be found on our main World of Warcraft website:

The Adventure Guide in-game should also give helpful advice regarding new Legion gameplay features, such as Class Halls.

Third party sites such as Wowhead also offer a variety of information which should help cover any Class Hall related queries you may have:

We hope that you can find the answers you're seeking in these resources, and enjoy the new expansion!

Hope this helps you out guys.
/sarc off
I have the same problem as you guys! Btw i stil got Tear Of Elune in my inventory, but i have allready put in the "slot" in Dalaran. Dont know what to do with this thingy.
still got 2 followers because of 832ilvl and cant get 3rd relic slot due to this bug. and still no gm response
same problem here on the paladin , it's at level 107 but only has 2 followers and 1 troop , made a ticket about it.
i actually got 4 followers and 2 troops but can't continue
there must be any solution we dont know
08/09/2016 21:02Posted by Garên
I have the same problem as you guys! Btw i stil got Tear Of Elune in my inventory, but i have allready put in the "slot" in Dalaran. Dont know what to do with this thingy.

Same with me. I'm hoping this gets sorted soon as all my friends are doing their quest lines and I'm stuck! :(

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