Gornoth the Lost - can't lose threat

... is...
..... IDIOTIC!!!!!!!

It's bad enough that there's a NPC that one-shot kills you.

But a NPC you can't run away from it - it's bad enough.

Please, Blizzard - fix it.
He is extremely slow and moves in a predictable pattern. Just avoid him.

A pro-tip is to enable tracking of Focus Target, then simply type /focus when you have him targeted. You will then see him as a dot on your mini map, which makes it VERY easy to avoid him.
Gornoth is a giant dick without a doubt. At one point he ran past me (he was chasing another player and I wasnt near enough to aggro him)....he actually stopped and killed me on his way back to his standard path!
Thank god for Feign Death! :D
Situational Awareness, it's a good skill to have in WoW :P

Besides *fetches walking stick* Back in my day, we have to run away and/or avoid infamous Scourge of Un'Goro crater; The Devilsaur, 100 feet tall he was, and he trod as softly as the wind, teeth like swords! Claws like spears! He would hunt down and devour many adventurers brave or foolhardy enough to venture into his domain!

Nary an adventurer who didn't check his surroundings made it out alive and even those who did, could not escape from his great and terrible wrath, on account of his massive, scale bound legs swooping him down upon you!
I found him great fun. First few times you run away in fear whenever you get near him. After you get used to avoiding him you will stand at laugh at others that aggro him and try to run for their livings. :P
Oh I remember the old Devilsaur... How something that big could sneak about.. Sure some rogue trainer taught that thing from an egg onwards. ;)

Then again, that fel reaver was a right pain back in Burning Crusade as well. How that big metal thing managed to sneak about is another matter entirely..

But really... I'm still classing murlocs at top of the kill table. Nothing will ever top those things.
I came across that two headed, tree trunk wielding, crashin' trashin' fel reaver, I noticed some hunter trying to take him down but his pets were being one shot so I ran away real fast :p

He's fun, a little bit of danger doesn't harm anyone...except unaware adventurers.

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