The Old Grudge (25yrs +) LF Raiders and Guildies

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
The Old Grudge is looking for raiders for legion. Based on Deathwing we have been established since vanilla we are aimed at the older player who need to balance wow and raiding with real life commitments.

We offer a mature and flexible culture with a great guild atmosphere and progressive raiding.

We raid Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday currently at 21:00- 23:30 server time although we do change each patch depending on availability of players. Other nights we do normal runs and alt runs. Expect raiders to try and get to 2/3 nights per week, real life depending!.

Currently recruiting for mythic and hc teams (socials always welcome).

The only requirement is for players to be 25 yrs + . Most of us older than that!

We are part of

Whisper me for more information

Roster looking strong but still need a few range dps
building a 2nd team due to expansion bring back some old players. Currently open to all classes.

Mythic team - looking for experienced mage.

Guild open to all players 25yrs +

Just read this and it sounds of interest, I am 32 and have a little one which I would want to help put to bed etc before playing. I have played wow for a long time to a good standard. I am interested in playing this expansion properly as I didn't in WoD and I would like to raid and do mythic dungeons etc.

Let me know if you would be interested in a warrior.

Hi Sewoh,

Me and 3 or 4 vanilla WoW ( Except 1 i think though he started later ) players ( IRL friends ) will be returning for Legion. I am 28 years old and all the others are 26. We are really interested in joining your guild. We still have to determine our classes. But we will be quite active and always social ;)

Ive added you to friends to have a chat


Alucardz here, old Hegira member. 34 Years old. Heard you had some of my old guild mates with you :)

Would love to join, I'm currently not able to dedicate a fixed raiding schedule (I'm maining a Holy Priest) but if I find myself free on a raid night and you need help, count me in! I'll be able to adjust to raiding with time, IRL is a bit random for now though.

Thanks :)
HI Bourneo

Would be interested in a warrior, we are currently looking to bolster ranks in one of the raid groups, so warrior dps or tank would good!

Send me a whisper in game for more information.
I'm 34 :( I main a rdruid. I stopped playing in vanilla and came back at the end of wod, but I'm looking for a more solid experience in legion.
I love to raid (I was in a fine guild on dw but don't remember the name :p)
But it would be nice to have a guild even for mythic only.
Let me know if you are interested.
still looking for raiders and socials

have two raid teams and guild events for those that cant commit each week.

Give me a whisper for more info!

We currently have two active raid teams looking for new players

We have one that is 7/7HC and progressing mythic, would like to add to roster so people can have a day off!

2nd group progressing HC
tfw old people
still after few more players for mythic progress , currently we are 2/7M
We also need several melee DPS for our 2nd group which mostly focuses on HC content (casual, organised raiding) and raids 2 nights a week, Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 to 22:30, considering to add one additional night when NH opens.

You will also be welcomed to join main group when they do normal farms and even join them in mythic progress if you are interested and they have a spot for you.

In our group you will have a 100% spot for any content we do. ;-)

- arms/fury warrior
- assassination/subtlety/outlaw rogue
- windwalker monk
- havoc demon hunter

All mentioned melees are welcomed, talk to Howes/Sewoh for more info and feel free to contact me or Voidblood once and if you join.

Hello members of The Old Grudge

I'm a 27 year old guy who still plays WoW these days but casually.

After searching on several realm forum sections I saw the recruitement of The Old Grudge and I want to join your guild as a social for now.

I will contact you soon :)

We are still looking for few DPS to fill our 2nd group:

- fury/arms warrior - prot is also welcomed but required to have offspec
- assassination rogue
- feral/balance druid
- shadow priest

Hello members of the Old Grudge,

Just saw this post and I was wondering if you are still looking for people for your guild. I myself am a 29 year old guy who started playing WOW (again) since launch of WOD.

Currently looking for a guild to do some dungeons/mythics and raiding with and this guild sounds like the kind of guild I would like to join.

22/03/2017 15:04Posted by Rotk
Just saw this post and I was wondering if you are still looking for people for your guild.
Yes, we are always recruiting according to our terms. Just contact Howes/Sewoh on his battlenet account Sewoh#2374
Hey There

With 7.2 dropping its time to refresh the roster to ensure we are ready for the next raid content. The Old Grudge is a guild for players that are 25yrs+, who are looking for a mature culture and are keen to raid in between family and work pressures. The guild has been established since vanilla and have a great group of players from across Europe.

We have two raid groups currently.

1. GMT - Aim to clear mythic content. Currently 4/10M for Nighthold. Raiding 3 times a week (minimum attendance twice a week, Wed, Thurs and Sun/Mon). Currently looking for a few more to ensure we have a roster of 25-30 (allows us to manage the real life issues). Many are ex hardcore raiders who are now looking for the same challenge but not 5 days a week.

Tank - open to any but non warrior preferred
Healer - (Shamen would be nice but open to any).
DPS - All spots open, currently lacking rogue, paladin, hunter and warrior.

2. HGT - Clearing HC is target, aimed for those that don't want to push into mythic. Raids twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday).

All spots open, especially dps.

In addition to the raid groups. The guild hosts a normal run every Friday for those that cant commit to a raid team and we have Mythic + teams running as well.

For more info please drop me a line

still looking for dps. Ideally one with off spec heals/tank
Looking for a few more on roster. We have 16 regulars but need to expand to ensure we have enough for mythic.

Looking for

2 x Healers (Any considered, priest would be nice)
? x DPS. Always need DPS, would love to have some more range but open to any (don't have a rogue at moment!)

Need to be 25yrs + to join our guild. But we can offer a great and active community.


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