[A] <Inhaler Buddies>(5/7M) recruiting extra buddies

<Inhaler Buddies> is a newly formed guild on Ravencrest EU, founded by 3 Belgian bubs to tackle the raiding content in legion.

Our core roster consists of players that have mostly focused on PVP but for Legion we have decided to focus more on the PVE side of the game. We are looking to bring in exceptional players that are dedicated to raid progression and are able to maintain a high raid attendance.

Raid Times
Wed/Fri/Sun- 20:00 to 23:30 server time.

Recruiting Needs: (all exceptional players considered regardless)
Healer: Disc/Holy priest
Ranged DPS: Mage, Ele Shaman, Hunter
Melee DPS: Rogue,Feral Druid, WW Monk,

Need to Join:
- Mature and respectful attitude in guild and raids.
- Experience at least up through Heroic level raiding.
- Ability to show up and stay throughout designated raid times.
- Turn up prepared to the raid. Food buffs and flasks will be mandatory during progression.
- Must be able to at least listen to our voice chat (mic and communication preferred.)

Extra Information:
- New members will be given a 1week 'trial'
- We will be using Loot Council(RCLootCouncil).
- English language in guild and raids
- Alts and friends welcome to join

If you are interested please make an application on http://inhalerbuddies.enjin.com/recruitment or add Hydrakus#2650 on Battle.Net

Elethere Renferal down.

Still looking for people
i am interested to join guild. you can check my armory and if interested add me : soxaaa#2226
Bump Ursoc Mythic down since last sunday.

Il'gynoth down, looking for exceptional dps still

Xavius down

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