[H] Stinki Monki Finger recruiting all for ToS

Looking for Players – PvE
Stinki Monki Finger (SMF), formed 28th April 2005, was the longest standing raiding guild on Hellscream. On Dec 15th 2016 we made the decision to transfer our guild to Tarren Mill in search of new opportunities and secure a strong future for the guild and its community. We have been around to see all of Vanilla, Burning Crusade, Wrath, Cataclysm, MoP, WoD & now time for Legion.
We always strive for a nice and relaxed atmosphere within the guild and always show optimism for killing future bosses.

With the release of ToS and frustrations of mythic from previous raids, we have decided to go heroic for a more relaxed approach to the raid, everyone is welcome.

Stinki Monki Finger is currently searching for:
Tank, all classes
Healer, all classes
Melee and ranged dps, all classes

Strong applications from all classes/roles will also be considered.

We require you to be available for atleast 2-3 raids per week.

Current progress
7/7 M, 1/3 M, 4/10M 9/9 HC.

Main raid schedule:
Wednesday 20:00-23:00
Sunday 20:00-23:00
Monday 20:00-23:00

We are also organising Mythic dungeons and social raids outside of main raid times and there is a possibility of an Alt Raid.

We have been a guild since Vanilla and known each other for over 10 years. Our goal is to always aim for the highest difficulty while raiding in a relaxed atmosphere. We keep in contact with each other through various games and you will definitely feel the guilds comradeship when playing with us.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Finesse or Ergunk#2122 for a chat.

Kind regards,
Still looking.
Bump. Cleared normal EN on first night and onwards to HC.

Still looking for
Looking for every ranged dps.

Melee applications will be considered.
First night of HC, 2/7 HC down, with Ursoc on 20%

Still looking for ranged dps.

All other applications will still be considered.
850 mw monk here, added your id. Let's maybe have a chat?
Second night of HC, 4/7 down :) With Elerethe Renferal on 56%

Still need ranged dps

A paladin healer would be awesome!

Other applications will still be considered aswell.
Paladin healer would be nice.

Still looking for ranged dps aswell.
Other applications will be considered.
Healer team almost done, Paladin healer would be perfect.

Still in need of range dps.
5/7 HC onwards to Cenarius!

Still in need of paladin healer and a couple of ranged dps.

Any other roles will be taking into consideration.
Cenarius down, progress is now 6/7 HC!

Still looking for paladin healer and a couple of ranged dps.
Xavius down! 7/7 HC onwards to mythic!

Still looking for paladin healer to complete our healing rooster and a couple of ranged dps!

Do not hesitate to contact me :)

Holy pala where you at! :)

Still in need of a few ranged dps aswell.
Still in need of hpala:)
Still in need of a few range dps aswell, shadow priest would be nice.
Mythic Nythendra down, progress is now 1/7 mythic.
Mythic Elerethe Renferal progress 50%

Still in need of Hpala and range dps.
Holy pala where you at :)

Could use another warlock and shadow priest.
Mythic Elerethe Renferal down!

Onwards to Ursoc!

Still in need of Holy paladin or resto shaman

Warlock would be nice aswell.
Some ranged dps wouldnt hurt.
I would like to join, is there an application to fill in?
865 1/7m
I am willing to realm change and faction change
Hey Sånctus! :)

Can you add me Ergunk#2122

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