The Arcway large fps drop.

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Hello. I just did The Arcway and i usually get 150-200 fps out in the world with pretty much everything maxed. But in the Arcway, i could barely keep 50 fps. I even tried putting everything on low but no difference, still 50 fps whatever i do. I asked my group if they had the same problems and they did. So yeah, is there something that can be done about this?
can confirm

Just ran it for the first time and everybody in the group experienced at least 20 fps drop compared to their usual framerate.

I'm usually getting 55-70 in 5man dungeons. The Arcway was 25-45fps.
I also want to confirm this. I have steady 100 FSP in dungeons, but in Arcway it drops almost under 20 FPS.
I have V-sync and full screen windowed so i get 60 fps 99% of the time in arcway its a slide show turned all settings down did nothing i think the game has some particle effects that non of the settings change. Also i have noticed a lot of the particle effects really kill frame rate when they are behind me or at certain angles.

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