How famous is the person above you?

Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash
We had this thread on the old Eonar forum and it was kinda fun.
Rate how famous the person above is from 1 to 10, and hopefully we all can stumble upon old friends too.
Playing this char on Eonar since late Vanilla days. Your name doesn't ring a bell tho :( Wanted to drop by purely to get the thread going ;) Fun indeed!
Literally no one knows you

I've never stumbled upon you too, although I saw that you've been in Karmakillers and I've seen that guild. Also the name Alycan sounds familiar. Was that your old name?
4/10 for the guild you've been.
Fun thread . Not really heard of you Metalithium or Dupsquare. 0/10 (sorry)

@Mardel, remember you from years ago, 10/10
Not heard of you, though not on as much.
Used to be on my hunter as Kaine a lot, raiding WOTLK with Hammerheart guild
Good initiative :)
Know some peepz in here
Mardel 10/10
Weebob certainly :) 10/10

Sorry Fulgrim, never heard of you.
Lets see who here remembers Daleknast? Ah, fun at the Ironforge bridge, I miss you sometimes.
Who doesn't remember him :)
Indeed fun times on that bridge.
Amarillis sounds familiar, think I've seen you in game in some city, not sure wich one tho and when. 7 / 10.

Have a nice weekend. :-)
I've seen you
Sorry to say, but I've never seen you or actually anyone in this thread before.

I think recognizing someone from your own server is kinds fading out tbh.
I don't know any horde players, but your guild rings a bell. 2/10 would allow you to date my daughter.
mawhonic, came to our guild in WoD? left us again in legion, 10/10 we had some good times. see you in chat or just in the world.
not sure if you've main changed, aware of the guild, me I've been around a while, Fiboss and Highlandfi were my 2 prev mains :D
i know only the guild name sorry :(
10/10 Brunnhild.
You've been around forever. ;)
Oh fudge, it's Ath....

24/07/2017 00:08Posted by Monolithics
Oh fudge, it's Ath....


10/10 to you too me dear
Remember you Ath from tbc, when I was pretending to heal Angellus!


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