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my bnet app launched but still cant log in
There are some things we can do but you may misunderstand how a DDOS works. I'm going to borrow from a previous post that my colleague made.

08/30/2016 09:10 PMPosted by Glaxigrav
For people asking, DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. As for what that actually means, think of the internet as a series of tubes (I know, old school memes, but hear me out).

If you think of the internet as a series of tubes connecting our computers together, a DDoS is like someone stuffing a bunch of rocks in one of those tubes which makes it hard (or impossible) for legitimate traffic to reach us. Our engineers have a way to clear these pipes by blocking the rocks, and then those perpetuating the DDoS might try to find another pipe to clog. It's a little bit of cat and mouse, but we're dedicated to keeping up the work!

(Also if you google this, apologies for basically copy/pasting a post I made during a similar event in April. Saves me time writing!)

Supplemental, because of how we structure our network we have many more utilities and tools at our disposal to address these types of issues. Our network engineers are currently analyzing where the bad traffic is coming from/where it's targetting, and we're working to address it. We'll continue to provide updates as they become available. Thanks for hanging in there!

From : http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749014960?page=2
Y u no ddos overwatch
My Battle.Net isnt even starting on... just the icon, window not showing. Had the Start Screen before atleast.
02/09/2016 19:01Posted by Yerae
do you know whats funny? I jumped off dalaran to go suramar and just when I started glider its crashed.

I'm in, looks like that premium access package is paying for itself.
Battlenet finally opened!
we get 1 or 2 days refund??? I ASSUME by the power of LOGIC ?
Bnet finally opened, but I get disconnected as soon as I try to log in.
02/09/2016 19:34Posted by Whgndgjronla
Battlenet finally opened!

rush to avoid the queue!!
02/09/2016 19:34Posted by Dottie
I'm in, looks like that premium access package is paying for itself.

I know right.
It`s not ddos, its Blizz new way to cope with overcrowded servers. Every now and then 50k+ random players get kicked to make room for the peeps in queue.
Much more cost effective than actually upgrading the servers ^^
How are you sure it's a DDOS?. Please tell

Ofcours US are getting blue post while ditchin EU.
Really bliz ?
looks like all blizzard games don't work , tried logging onto D3 , won't connect to the game servers there either.
Damn, 'you have been disconnected'
well i got in now.

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