Mirrors in Vault of the Wardens

In the Vault of Mirrors (Glazer boss room) you can active the statue and a mirror puzzle pops up.

Anyone know what this does and if there is a solution. As I can't find any information around it and tried to solve it for a while now.
The owl in which you reset the puzzle with will start to glow after that you've finished the puzzle. What it does exactly is not clear to me. No buff were visible and I could not tell if we as a group received any added loot after we killed the last boss.
I just solved it. After completing the dungeon through random HC i went back to look at the puzzle. It took me a few tries but i managed to get every owl away except for the one in the middle. When i clicked that one it disappeared into the ground (before this, clicking the center one made the adjacent ones rise but not this time) and a bolt of light flew over to the owl by the door where you initiate the puzzle. It started glowing and i could no longer interact with it. However that was it, nothing happened after this point. I've been waiting for 10 mins and nothing else has come from it, not even an achievement. My guess is that it is used for some quest line in the future but i might be wrong.
I believe it's from the Demon Hunter starting experience.
We tried to bring 3 lights to the statue after finishing the mini game, nothing happened.

Stil no clue about what to do :/
I also solved it, but I think I found what it's for!

I walked out of the room with a light on me and saw a green warden ghost thing walk in front of me from the door on the left. I followed it into the room to the right and a ghostly Cordana Felsong appeared. It attacked for a second, then reset. Then it spawned again, and reset. I think it might be to do with the achievement: "A Specter, Illuminated" where we have to illuminate the spectre of vengeance and free it by killing the spectral Cordana. Can anyone confirm?

EDIT: I think it reset because I was the only player still in the instance.
i agree with kagitsume
It's part of a dungeon World Quest;

When you start the puzzle, a bunch of owl statues pop up. The objective is to down them all -- it's basically a game of "Lights out", where you toggle statues and the adjacent statues are raised and lowered.



Just make sure you don't have everyone randomly pressing everything -- have one person do it.

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