[A] <Rain Cafe> is recruiting! (18+)

Lightbringer / Mazrigos
NOTICE: For the ones who'd love an invite, please message people listed below instead me. Thank you.

Hello there!

Thank you for checking out our guild recruitment post! We will keep it short, its a promise!

<Rain Cafe> is looking for social and passionate players of age, both casual and hardcore for our everyday adventures. We put fun and good atmosphere above anything else!

Roles needed? Every.
Content? All, both old and new. From PvE and PvP to various events and questing.

Do you like being in a friendly guild, making new friends and beating the game in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere? Look no longer and message Mexii/Meximus or Natacakes ingame!

We wish you an outstanding day!

Short FAQ below.
[ For full version visit: http://raincafe.pw/explore/ ]

How big is the guild?
Having too many people is as bad as having too few. We won't go higher than ~350 members(~700 in game characters), as we can get closer to each other this way easier.

What is inactivity limit within the guild?
5+ months of complete inactivity.

How did the guild name came to be?
For us, Rain represents beginning of a new cycle, rebirth and renewal. It reflects our inner emotions and desires. It also marks the beginning of a new period, where old becomes truly known and expressed, giving a new meaning to something.

As for Cafe, it is known as place meant for friends to gather and spend time together.

By striving to bring the best possible feeling of the game, we decided that this name would be the most fitting.

Do you have website/forum?
Yes! You can visit us on www.raincafe.pw
Looks good, Discord link will be provided the moment you join!
Tried to contact you in-game but no luck. I am a fairly casual player, I have a 106 fury warrior which I am levelling at a relaxing pace and I have a level 100 hunter. I am just looking for relaxed, adult like minded people to just chill and play wow with. One downside is I only play 2-3 times a week :(
joined RainCafe. Very nice and friendly guild, everyone's active and it has a chilled atmosphere. Would recommend to all, felt at home very quickly more so than other guilds I have joined in the past.

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