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Pet Battles
EDITED : Surge always goes first!
Welcome to the weird and wacky world of pet PvP. :)

What you saw is not a hack, but normal and to be expected, and part of regular PvP play. I would have done the same if someone was coming at me with two Elementals and a Serpent, and grinning to myself that I had a Crab on my team.

I had several questions like this when I started PvP battling.

I suggest that you get a couple of essential pet battle addons.
- Rematch
- Derangement's Pet Battle Cooldowns
- Battle Pet Breed ID
- Pet Tracker

Also keep your Pet Battle chat window open while you battle.

What actually happened was that your opponent used Surge, which is a priority move:

100% Hit Chance

Rushes to the enemy on a stream of water, dealing 222 Aquatic damage.

This move always goes first.

Surge is usually taken for Crabs in PvP pet battles precisely because it outspeeds blocks and blinds regardless of pet speed, and because it mitigates against all those abilities that "strike an extra time if your pet goes first".

Pet battling is full of these little niche quirks. You'll get used to them in time, as you see them. The addons I mentioned will help you see them, but keeping your Pet Battle log window open is even better, since you can then reconstruct exactly what happened in any case.

I am aware of a bug or two in PvP battling, and one in particular I consider a bug that the devs don't want to call a bug (since then they'd have to go back and rewrite a lot of abilities :) and there are actually a few botters, because getting to that 5000 PvP wins is a serious trek, but I am not aware of any hacks for pet battles.

Oh, and do pop over to Discodoggy's site and watch a few battles http://pvppetbattles.com/daily-battle/
Ah, color me shamed.. I'll try to use "tiredness" as an excuse here since it was around 5am in the morning when I was doing this battle <.< I should have noticed that since I have a few pets with Surge myself aswell. Oh well, case closed, maybe the interface quirk "16510 speed" got me hassled!

Thanks for taking the time to reply!
Did the math some time ago, as I noticed the lower level pets weren't "surging" first. What these moves do is adding a flat amount of speed, usually massive, which is what makes them "go first".

This value is exactly [500 x Level]. Since it's just a flat value added to regular speed, in the case of two pets using a priority move at the same time, the one who was naturally faster will still execute its move first.

But there's more, because Rarity also factors in, with the same multipliers as for base stats - Poor: 1.0x, Common: 1.1x, Uncommon: 1.2x, Rare: 1.3x, Epic: 1.4x and Legendary 1.5x. For reference, for a Rare level 25, that's +16250.

As a result, even if your Rare pet is faster than a Boss epic/legendary, and both of you use a priority move, theirs will still go first because of the humongous multiplier.

  • EDIT: Apparently this only applies to Surge and Ethereal!
    Charge, Quick Attack, Trihorn Charge only gain 10% of this bonus (so 50 x level rather than 500), resulting in +1625. Way less "first" than the other "firsts"!

  • Lastly, other speed modifiers, such as Flying, Adrenaline Rush, etc. also apply to the priority speed.

    So, for example, a pet that is under the effect of Dazzling Dance (+25%) will get a +20312 bonus; so even if it was still slower than your pet (despite their bonus) the multiplier will certainly make their priority move go first.

    This is more of a curious fact, but could be arguably useful if you find yourself using Surge against someone who has Ethereal, or something! :3

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