Has anyone else lost the motivation to play?

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I do agree most of the legendrys are useless and only boost some of your stats and mainly the ilvl.
The issue i have is that on my realm people tend ot go after ilvl so if lets say i have 850 and my friend who soon cna use 2 legendarys has 855 who do you invite?
of course the one who has 2 legendarys cus he may or may not do more dps.
Like i said i dont want it for free that is why i try to do alot of dun and mythics after doing the 4 main WQ event in the morning.
I do agree the text felt alot that it came from a spoiled brat who has gotten so much stuff before and now he gets nothing.
WHen i mena by unfair i mean that some players just dont care about progression and only do the WQ, some BGs and kills a world boss than logg out to an alt and so on.
I want nothing but to get invited to raid and be involved with a team working together and ahieve greatness together but sadly with my low ilvl no team wants to invite me even if my dps is higher than most players (at least for what i have seen in LFR or mythics dun.)
I just thinks a legendary item should take montsh to optain from raids that is why i love vanillas and TBC alot sure they where RNG as well but not everyone had a changs to get one before the expansion ends.
I know i will get some legendarys its just a matter pf time when it drops and honestly like you say the best one at least for MM hunters is the boots.
WoW is now pretty much like this other MMORPG which I play. For me it seems that WoW has adapted almost every aspect of that other game but the feeling of progression is missing.

Doing quests from day to day just to get some better gear is just boring. At leastthe other game rewards you with this lovely "map 100% completed" progress bar when you have done the map. Then comes the new map, but unless you play another character or do the world boss you can just forget the map you've done.

Since the WoW stole everything Legion is from that other game, I've found out how good the game actually is. Long story short, Legion is a very good promotion for Guild Wars 2, which does everything Legion tries, but is original and better.

I really would love to like Legion, I really want to love it. All I can bother is to log in, AFK near world boss until someone kills it, put slaves to Class Hall missions and log on to other game for 8 hours, until it's time fpr class hall quests again. I only do the class hall quests so that I get some APower in case I might want to play WoW once more. i have to say this might be th fastest I've ever got bored to a MMO. Even with new weird ones I at least play a month.
05/10/2016 10:38Posted by Starbringer
Oh bohoo... You haven't gotten an upgrade for a week and the entire world is falling apart.. Seriously, how influenced by instant gratification can you guys be..?!

I went 6 MONTHS in MoP without my MUST HAVE tanking trinket. That wasn't fun - but it's part of this thing called MMOs. Deal with it.

How much can you whine about people having legendaries and in some cases more than 1.. They're hardly that fantastic (except for a quick ilvl boost). It's very likely you got the wrong one and you will ALL get one eventually.

You're complaining about RNG but RNG is the only way of preventing people from rushing through content getting BiS gear this being done on a character with weeks. You would just scream I'm bored - too ez.

I feel sorry for people like you.. Life surely can't be easy (you know the life outside your pc.... That thing you probably haven't interacted with since you sat down.. That thing you probably should start to interact a bit with.)

From the downvotes I see, many feel sad for you instead. Your alone.
Try not to get yourself to the point where something in-game feels like a chore.
If theres something you dont feel like doing, dont do it.
Personally i get almost as much done, when i do it because i want to, and not because ii feel like i have to. And as a bonus, i enjoy doing it.
A week or two back, yeah.

Outside of organized PvE, there's just too much I'd rather play instead of WoW right now. Why bother with single player content after doing Pathfinder Part I? If I wanted to go around and do glorified chores, I'd play something like GTAV or TW3. If I wanted to do some PvP, I'd play Dota 2 or Rocket League. If I wanted a random loot simulator, I'd play Diablo 3. If I wanted pet battles, I'd play Pokemon.

Raiding aside, there's nothing WoW does that's the best. It's far & away the best MMO on the market overall, but my interest in performing menial tasks for virtual carrots has fainted so much over the past four or so years.

This week I'll log on for raids, perhaps do my emissary quests every 3 days, and perhaps go through 10 mythic+0's.
yeah ... i just log in in weekends , go for some owpvp then i make some world quests ,maybe make 2 dungeon runs , and then fast begin to drift away ..
I feel like I've hit a wall, world quests don't give relevant gear for me anymore and the game is too alt-unfriendly for me to invest in an alt, so I don't know what to do now.
Still enjoying the expansion, more so than I did with Warlords where I lost interest rather quickly. I'm still only at 2 alts and have plenty of things to keep me occupied for the time.

I don't see anything either at max level that keeps me from levelling alts. I only need reputation with nightfallen so to speak to open the dungeons, and they're the fastest to get reputation with anyway.
04/10/2016 04:42Posted by Silverlancer
no i don't share your feelings, i think Legion is the most fun expansion thus far despite each flaws that every expansion have

agreed. I also want to return to pvp now when im not casually doing dungeons , lfr , normal , achievements , mount runs and moggs . Love it
With regards to content, Legion seems like one of the best expansions so far.
But I'm also beginning to feel a little burned out.

I'm not quite sure why that is, but one of the reasons is probably it seems almost impossible to progress on your main char once you reach ilvl 840-845.
I don't raid and LFR only drops 835 gear. I'm doing mythics, but the RNG gods hate me and I'm not getting any upgrades.

When I can't really progress on a char I usually start playing alts, leveling their professions and such.
But in Legion that has become an extremely grindy/expensive task.
Everything is gated behind hard to access stuff, like mythic dungeons and that require a lot of playtime to get there on an alt.
Mats are up 6000-7000% in price compared to WoD, so just getting mats for a single profession point is horribly time consuming.
the problem is the rng gear system.
you can do a ton of stuff the entire day, but not getting anything. working your !@# off, but at the end of the day, you have no sense of progression except 1/4 artifact level, its disencouraging.
i dont demand phat lewtz to rain down on me each day (would be nice tho).

would be nice to have gear and upgrade tokens, that could be bought with some sorta currency, which we could get from doing anything.
I log in do the raids, world boss, dungeons, arena for 1-2 days - log off till next week.
There is nothing to work towards. Its all gated behind RNG.

Without proper Item progression I will probably leave in 1 - 2 weeks.

I dont mind running many many dungeons. But i mind doing it for nothing....

Making progression a RNG thing is the worst idea every.

Im definitly not going to do any world quests that reward 830 gear that might get upgraded to 850... this is stupid....
From what I keep seeing on these forums this in my opinion just looks like a case of "World of Burn out-craft.". Lately I am playing quite a bit, yet I constantly feel like there is much to do, may it be world quests, normal quests, raiding, working on professions, dungeons, BG's, arenas, etc.

If I get tired of playing on main I just for example go on an alt, enjoy another class for a while, do things differently, do pet battles, basically to me it feels like there is always something to do.

Of course one loses motivation if you just stare in front of the screen and do one particular thing for a few hours. If it gets too bad then you can just go play a different game for a while and then come back later with a refreshed mindset.

From what I keep hearing it is as if this game is considered some kind of work now.. and if you don't play enough you're not getting your payment for the month. The only time when I might lose motivation to play would be because I feel like there is too MUCH to do..
05/10/2016 14:18Posted by Naresie
From what I keep seeing on these forums this in my opinion just looks like a case of "World of Burn out-craft.".

Perhaps you should read them again?

There is one specific problem that the forum population - which is a skewed and self-selected sample, admittedly - keeps bringing up, and that is frustration with RNG progression.

That is not my problem, but I can read well enough to understand it. Normally, WoW has a bargain with the players: kill X bosses and you will get Y upgrade pieces. They may not be the pieces you most wanted, but they will keep you on the upgrade curve. Bosses are time-gated, as well.

In Legion, people are not getting the rewards they would normally expect for X amount of effort, and M+ are not time-gated. This leads to them knocking their heads against unending runs, which could be the cause of some burn-out, but the underlying issue is the breaking of the long-understood agreement that a given amount of effort at a given degree of difficulty will produce a predictable reward, give or take 15% due to normal RNG.

Now, that's one strand.

Another is dissatisfaction with classes, in one way or another. I feel that the class team did a very very bad job, both with class enjoyment and with balancing, in far too many areas. This goes beyond the usual, and into "how could they possibly have let this go live?"

Another, I see on the PvP forums, is dissatisfaction with having to gear up for PvP by doing PvE, and the current state of PvP matches. I'm not qualified to distinguish this from the normal PvP gripes, but it seems different to me.

Another strand is the various forms of cross-gating: gating professions behind dungeons, gating raid consumables behind limited supplies.

Another strand is people who are turned off by World Quests - and, of course, the reward-RNG there.

And then there are many lesser-mentioned things, some of which may be more important than these issues that are easy to list. I'm still trying to figure out why I don't feel motivated. I want to feel motivated.

(I will agree that pet battles are good at the moment. ;)
For me legion has been a mixed bag of good ideas with poor implementation.

Levelling the character seems a bit pointless when the actual levelling is your weapon. Level scaling means all the zones blend and causes the character levelling process to be even more pointless. A new level cap skill option would have fixed that. This could also be why the zones feel kind of small.

Even before you hit cap you find that not only have you to grind for weapon xp but also order resources. Neither of which are given in any sensible amount. Over the past week a complete round of the dailies havent offered more than 600 a day because most of the "quests" give gold as a reward. And if there's one thing the game doesnt need it's more gold being added into it's over inflated economy.

The income of resources doesnt in any way meet the potential demands for using them. Hall upgrades are just stupid with the resources needed and the time they take. And champion gear is way too RNG heavy, 3 stopwatches in a row isn't of any use when the majority of missions are over the 4 hour cap.

The other night my hunter eventually hit a point in the order hall where I'm on a quest to kill a demon and his uber fel puppies. What could have been a good questline was instantly marred by being forced into the timesinky order missions, one that asked for enchanting dust without actually saying wtf the stuff was and the rest are simplistic fetch quests.

Weapon xp is another poorly designed system as you can only award xp to the one thats tied to your current spec. Items of the same XP value don't stack, again a silly design choice. First time I hit that sudden leap in the xp requirements I tabbed out to check to see if what I was seeing was correct. Looking back now it becomes more apparent that it's another timesinky thing tied into the order resources and research. Whats insane is weapons that gain XP isnt a new system for games and blizz don't seem to have even bothered looking at those during their development of theirs.

Only having 8 champions and overly long mission times seems like a kneejerk reaction to the number and speed of the garrison system. Pendulum swung from one side to the other with that. Seems like not all order halls get the upgrade option to reduce the time missions take, again a poor design choice. Upgrading the minions has little value as most of the ones I get require 3 champs to fulfill the needs. Why spend a week on an upgrade thats pretty much worthless?

And then there's the professions which are a shambles. Engineering has become a attempted money sink asking for large amounts of ore plus mostly vendor only items rather than making bits to craft the end product. Inscription has been shredded and pulped. Alchemy is far too heavily dependent on RNG giving the upgraded recipes. Skinners have to hope that they find an area where nonlooting mobtaggers aren't running rampant or that they're not mana capped in suramar.
If you are playing the game for gear you are doing it wrong. Just enjoy the experience and let the gear come or not as may be
I've never been more motivated finally something for all my 12 classes to do once i finally get them all to 110 :D
CRZ is causing me to lose the motivation to play, there's magtheridon players everywhere atm and I cannot fathom how they thought this was a good idea over something more beneficial as realm connections.

I've pretty much lost faith in Blizzard and their ability to deal with realm populations.

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