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The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade

As the title says im looking for a casual guild. And what im looking for in that guild is 18+ members that have their prioritys like work, family etc. and time to time get together with their guild mates to raid, pvp, questing or just hangout with.

Im currently maining a vengence demon hunter and loves it! i have another alt on 110 wich is mistweaver monk that im currently gearing up for raiding since i lack experience with healing overall it would be nice to meet others for tips and tricks.

If i sound that kind of guy that would fit in your guild dont hesitate to give me a wisp on either Sytheas or Asayo on The Mealstrom server!

p.s My current guild is just a friend guild :)
Hey there, I just created a guild with that sole purpose but sadly it's on the horde side,so if you would be willing to swap to a horde DH and help us grow that would be amazing.Just check my guild recruitment add here on The Maelstrom, best of luck!
Hello :) My btag is: Sweetblonde#2140, feel free to add if you want to join our guild: Eternally Condemned! :D (EU! The-Maelstrom, Deathwing, Karazhan and Lightning's Blade)

A little about us: Me and my husband started this social guild the 21 of April 2014. We wanted to be sure we were surrounded by good people, so we interviewed every single member:P We just got back from a break from wow, and are looking for kind players who want a chill/casual-social guild to join.

We do not interview ppl any more, as it took too much of of actual gameplay time, so we are basically auto inviting ppl who show interest :P

We have discord, facebook, and a chat community currently with 80 active players(hopefylly increasing), whom we hope can be a platform to always find someone to play with even tho there are many guilds involved :)

Our activity within the guild varies depending on date and time, but we have someone at almost all hours :)

Another thing is we do not kick if you are having a wow break, maybe after 1 year, if we need space for new ppl :P

Our goal is to have a toxic free environment!

Hope that this advert will help us become a great place for new and old players!

-Best Regards from Sweetblond :*

Thanks for sharing your post, i hope you find what you are looking for.
I run <Divided> on The Maelstrom server. (Horde) http://divided.enjin.com/
Our group consists of friends who have played the game together for more than a year with currect progression: 3/9 Mythic Uldir

Our raiding days: Monday - Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 servertime (gmt+1)
Social Raids: Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 servertime (gmt+1)

Our guild is mostly PvE oriented.
What we do:
Occational Social events / Contests
Social raids
Mythic+ pushes

Im proud to say that we are very welcoming towards new players, thoose with game experience and thoose who do not. We encourage players to ask us for help or advice if they want it, and no question is considered "stupid".
The internet is full of offensive comments and the likes, so making a safe haven for new talent was an easy choice for us to make.
We prioritise quality over quantity, resulting in us having a family enviromental atmosphere amongst the members.

Most of us in the guild have fulltime jobs or studies and we have an average age around 20.
Myself being 32 years of age, having 3 kids and a fulltime job i clearly understand the necessity of sleep and real life chores. I would really like to hear from you, should our presentation make you curious for more.
Have a good one!

Tsn of Divided
B.tag: Sebastian#23194
Our recruitment post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617772722

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