Huge! Enhancement Shaman bug found!

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While doing several dungeons with my enhancer, I got suspicious taking more damage than every other DD I played with. I then checked the damage values from the ingame adventure guide and compared them with my guild members. Everyone took around 65% less damage from every nature, fire or frost ability, except for another enhancement shaman. And those ~65% is exactly the percentage my mastery gives me.
"Increases your chance to trigger Stormbringer and Windfury by (...)%, and increases all Fire, Frost, and Nature damage you deal by (...)%." Our Mastery increases the damage we deal through our frost, fire or nature skills.
But at the moment it also increases all the incoming damage from fire, frost and nature damage sources...
I hope this will be seen and fixed pretty soon. 65% increased damage you take is not something you can easily ignore, especially not in the new mythic+ dungeons.
Here are some pictures to prove it. On the left side is my enhancer and on the right a windwalker monk. Tested on EU Frostwolf.

TL;DR: Enhancement shaman Mastery also increases the incoming damage from fire, frost and nature sources.

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ohh ohhh
25/09/2016 21:40Posted by Lêafy
ohh ohhh

Probably explains a lot, as it did for me (recently leveled an enhancer and wondered how i sometimes just died, or couldn't even counter-heal damage from a single mob).
Blue Post on this? Tried to level my shaman and stopped after 5 minutes of dying :D
WOW..... No wonder! I hope they fix this immediately and I hope it doesn't apply in PvP too... I do feel like I take way too much damage in PvP anyway so maybe it does?

I just want to include some other major bug for us right now. This has been happening non-stop since patch 7.1, never before.

I don't know if it does it for everybody but whenever I'm moving my character with my mouse buttons (2 front or side buttons to strafe) and then cast a targeted ground ability like my totems, my character stops moving until I re-click my mouse buttons. This doesn't help in PvP whatsoever and especially not PvE when I need to drop a Wind Rush Totem for my group.
Did this get looked into at all? seems quiet....
That explaines a lot
Shamans everywhere right now:
So THAT'S what it was...
I wonder what they do in Alpha and PTR. Make profit on twitch and youtube rather than real testing.
Since it is already posted in Reddit, you can expect a hotfix in 5-4-3-.....

Edit: Bleh after checking the reddit topic. First of all it was one month old, and it seems like it is only tooltip not actual bug.

Nothing to see here people.
Heh. Feeling furious? Scnr

That's a pretty bad bug.
What? The adventure guide lists damage values based on your current char??
That would be massively misleading, especially in your example where it states that every player suffers a certain damage.
Well this explains a lot....
When this was posted first time, I linked it to our shamans. They checked and they weren't taking any particular extra dmg.
That could explain why i was killed over and over again when i did mytics yesterday. Healer told me he hade to heal me extremly much. And i had to selfheal damn much.
There is no enh bug. It's just a tooltip error. You don't receive more damage in actual combat. If you would be intelligent enough to read the text of the link you provided OP you would see how multiple people debunked it.
I noticed that I take a lot of damage on my enhancement shaman, died a lot while leveling it too by pulling packs to aoe.
This is getting ignored it seems...
Ignored? Did you read the rest? If you are having problems it's not the game, it's you, this is a tooltip error.

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