<KASUAL> 7/7HC recruiting tank/healer.

Currently looking for:

DK/Warrior tank.
Healer (holy paladin/resto shaman pref. - all classes welcome to apply)
Exceptionel DPS.

Current progress:

7/7 Heroic.

KASUAL is a newly formed guild on Ravencrest Alliance, looking to form a small roster for Legion. As a guild, our philosophy is to raid the highest difficulty available to us while maintaining a core of ten players. For this reason, we will be raiding heroic only in Legion. If you're interested in raiding at a higher difficulty than what we offer (i.e. mythic), this is not the guild for you.

Outside of raiding, there will be a strong focus on the new mythic plus dungeons. Again, if this is not something you are interested in, then we suggest you look elsewhere as we are looking for players with a similar mindset to ours.

Please note that although the guild is casual by definition, we expect players to be able to pull their weight. We aim to clear the content in a timely manner in as fun and a relaxed an environment as possible. Those who fall short and consistently hinder the guild's progress will not retain a place in the guild.



All specs will be considered.

Raiding thurs/sun from 20:00 to 23:00 ST.

As heroic mode is available cross realm, we welcome applicants from other realms. (No transfer necessary, although ideally we would prefer to have you on the realm)


- Close to 100% raid attendance is expected as this allows us to keep a tightly knit roster. However, we do understand that this isn't always possible and exceptions will be made where necessary.
- We're primarily an English speaking guild, so it goes without saying that you should be able to both speak/understand it. You will also be expected to install Discord and have a working microphone at hand.
- A solid understanding of the class you play and the specs available to you. Although we won't force you into playing a particular spec, you should be able to play any given spec at any given time without issue.
- We expect that you share the guild's philosophy when it comes to raiding and end game content. If you're an individual who logs on solely to raid, this isn't the guild for you. If you're looking to raid mythic in the future, you need not apply.


- Experienced guild leadership with a focus on a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while still clearing the content available to us in a timely manner.
- A guaranteed raid spot. We're not in the interest of benching people, hence the need for a tightly knit roster built up of people we can rely on.
- A maximum of two raid days a week, for a maximum of 6 hours a week, allowing for plenty of time to involve ourselves in other end game content beyond raiding. (PvP, mythic plus dungeons, etc.)

If you're interested in joining, please contact us for a chat.

Teelor - Shaun#2102
Zatrox - Zentix#11212
Hey mate. Added you, on Battle-Net. Enlok is my name on there. If you are able to have a chat tomorrow maybe I'd be more than happy to chat with you on Discord or on WoW.

Added both of you, hoping to have a chat soon. ;)
Looking for a tank with heroic experience, get in touch if interested! :)
looking for guild, check my armory.
if interested you can add me soxaaa#2226

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