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Twisting Nether
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Exceptional boost, I personally organised my boost through Xheno, was more than happy to answer any questions I had before/during/after paying for the boost. Not once did I feel like I was going to get scammed.

The group was very professional with trash being cleared up to first boss, and every boss after that whilst distributing loot.

Loot from the boosters was passed on to Xheno who distributed fairly through /roll after each boss, whilst this was happening the remainder of the group would clear the trash meaning we had to run to the boss, tag said boss and then could take part or die.

Loot is obviously down to RNG, but with the good mix they have, tier gear, trinkets and other jewellery was in abundance for everyone.

I personally managed to grab 4 tier pieces, trinket, neck and rune.

Would not hesitate to use the guys again and would be happy to vouch for them if anyone is feeling a bit nervous with parting with the gold.

Thanks guys n gals happy boosting.
Amazing boost, Got alot of loot for a good price. The raid was really smooth and done in a little over an hour. If i had any questions about the boost they were very fast to respond. All in all id recommend everyone who is looking for a boost to try this out.

Looking forward to your Tomb of Sargeras boosts thanks for a smooth run.
Great boost! Got everything i expected. The raid went really smooth, nothing to complain about. Payments was done by paying a deposit first to secure the spot in the raid and the rest at the first boss.
Nothing to complain about at all!
Really good guild that I recommend buying boost from. Smooth and easy, and Xhéno is awsome :) which i arrange the boost with. Fair system for distributing loot for a good price and Ahead of the Curve.....! Thank you guys! I will be back again! Soooo..... see you soon :)
1 Last spot for NH full run boost tomorrow and a couple spots for Gul'dan only!

If you're interested in a spot or have any questions please add my btag: Xheno#2560
A very good boost, all are friendly and perform good in fights. The only downside is that there is a lot of loot-sharing between boosted players.

Definitely the best boost in Europe.
Great guys, thanks a lot for a Exceptional boost highly recommend buying boost from these guys :)
100% professional boost. Recommended a few friends, had a great time. Got my kill. No complaints. Person i contacted for boost is very accommodating and answered all my questions. Would fully recommend them, 10/10
Brought a HC guldan kill smooth and quick not to mention it really cheap
any chance for gold on outland?
Couple spots left for Nighthold HC Boost this monday!

If you're interested in a spot or have any questions please add my btag: Xheno#2560
Bought 10/10 NH HC
Smooth boost, no wipes, all gear was traded to the buyers!
Smooth 10/10 NH HC Run. Went from 815 > 877 ilvl in just one raid.

Fun and super friendly. Thanks for the help!
Some spots left for the NH HC Boost on monday 19:30!

If you're interested in a spot or have any questions please add my btag: Xheno#2560
We're now doing Masterloot NH HC Boosts!

This week we only have spot left for shaman or hunter but you can book spots in the following weeks in advance.

If you're interested in a spot or have any questions please add my btag: Xheno#2560
After an incredible run of bad luck with loot I opted to try and take luck out of the equation.

Very glad I did; got extremely lucky with tier and extremely lucky with the professionalism of the group!

10/10 would go again.
Next week we'll be doing a GDPK PL Boost.

It works like a Personal Loot boost, you get the full clear and keep all the gear you loot for yourself, additionally you'll be able to bid on the gear our raiders loot and buy it from them.

Spot for full run (PL) - 200k
Minimum bid on item - 5k
Minimun bid on tier - 20k

If you're interested in a spot or have any questions please add my btag: Xheno#2560
Still spots open for boost tonight!

Contact Xheno for more info
Very smooth, fast and professional run! Really enjoyed it and was happy to get 4 set pieces and a lot of other useful items :) Everything was well organized, Xheno is very nice and polite and happily answers all the questions.
I highly recommend these guys, they are the best!
Last NH HC Boost completed, we'll be back with Tomb of Sargeras HC Boosts when we're done with Mythic progress.

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