Why are the legion only invading the isles?

The armies of horde and alliance warriors are where the "original class fantasy" of that class is: In valhall.... oh wait - right, they aren't. There is absolutely NO great warrior around. Except some player-characters that don't quite fit into this place because it has absolutely nothing to do with the original class fantasy. :/

I guess the armies are where the isles where when the goblin zeppelin route between og and uc passed right over them without ever realizing: INVISIBLE!
05/10/2016 15:08Posted by Subbie
No, I'd call that an expansion.

There's no reason for the Legion to not be hitting zones across Azeroth. In that sense, Legion for me is another WoD - We're supposed to be worried about this massive Orcish Horde/Legion invasion force, but you just find a few pockets of them around a new continent & they're not threatening in the slightest.

Thing is, the Legion have tried that approach a couple of times without luck. First they tried using the well of eternity to get Sargeras into Azeroth. That didn't work out too well, as it ended up with Sargeras losing his physical body in the process. The next big attempt they had was on Nordrassil, where Archimonde was busy humping the living life out of it. Didn't go too well either, Malfurion showed up and kicked him back to the twisting nether.

So now they've learned a bit, and try to use the Tomb of Sargeras to make another portal to bring Sargeras back into this world.

So if anything, at least the Burning Legion has learned that it's not wise attacking full frontal, so they're instead trying to solidify a good stronghold on Azeroth. They didn't anticipate the resistance on Azeroth to be as great as it was, especially taken into consideration that they've destroyed countless of other worlds in their burning crusade.
Thanks for all the answers! Much makes sense and btw i too participated in the events of the prepatch. I just thought it would have been more realistic for the invading alianforce -with spaceships- to target, say, the big cities and actually leave at least some war-torn structures behind. Instead we got a brand new park in SW. " THE BURNING LEGION ARE ABOUT TO DESTROY OUR WORLD"..."LETS REBUILD THE PARK!" ... Dont get me wrong since i really like this expansion as i do the whole game but it doesnt feel like the legion poses any big threat at all to the world as a whole. And believe me, lorewise, we should all be covering in fear and despair right now. I mean, this is Sargeras army were talking about. The Titan General - a former Pantheon for God sake! Deathwing ruined half of the continent...and hes one of their "pets". Well, time will tell but i have a feeling and hope that we will feel their wrath on the main continents in a not so distant future.

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